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Avatar – 23 Minute Behind the Scenes Special, Great Demo of Augmented Reality

Everyone knew that Avatar was a technically advanced, but you will probably be surprised at the amazing fusion of performance and technology. The whole special is brilliant and if you liked the movie you will enjoy this a lot. The real treat though was how James Cameron was using essentially an augmented reality camera to [...]

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Viral Marketing Gone Horribly Wrong – So Funny

What makes me laugh so much about this brilliant parody and almost homage to viral marketing is how it’s almost plausible. Remember LonleyGirl15

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Amazing Dancing Liquid Video

The liquid on top of a metal tray on top of a booming sub-woofer produces some memorizing effects that look supernatural. The liquid is a mixture of water and cornstarch at about a 1:6 ratio, start with the cornstarch, add water slowly, it’s a substance that feels ‘hard’, pours like liquid.

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Goatse Error Page at

I just signed up for another location based micro-blogging/micro-media/social-media site at (similar to and quickly discovered they have a very unique error page. (click on img for full size) Wow!

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Rename Wolf Blitzer on is an interesting collaborative crowdsourcing decision making platform. They seem to position themselves as a sort of collaborative ideation/innovation platform. It seems that their main marketing strategy is to launch interesting services on it’s platform and the most recent one is called Name This, the main idea being that for $99 companies/entrepreneurs can post [...]

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Plurk, twitter for teens?

Just heard of this new service called Plurk which is a similar “microblogging” service rather like Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku etc. According to Venture Beat it launched in January this year and seems to be targeting a more teenage demographic. asks the question “is Plurk another Twitter?” and in many ways it is, it’s a [...]

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Happy Belated Birthday Internet

Apparently April 7th 1969 is a contender for the birth of the internet, who new it was so old. Here’s a pretty funny video from Canadian CBC news, not sure when this was broadcast but it is pretty damn funny. Via Another wonderful throwback news story is this Newsweek piece from 1995 called “The Internet? [...]

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The Department Of Internet Money

All of your favorite internet stars including Chocolate Rain guy (Tay Zonday), Star Wars Kid, Laughing baby, Sneezing Panda, Tron guy, Numa Numa, and Chris Cocker (Leave Britney Alone), and possibly LonelyGirl15 in the background. Via Fimoculous

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Post It Note Typeface

A genius typeface made out of Post It Notes, I wonder if 3M would have to get a cut of this if it ended up as a font Via Ffffound

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Food Fight – History of War Told Through Food

This video is so extraordinary and strange, it essentially acts out the history of wars (from an American perspective) from WWII onward using the various foods associated with the warring nations. This kind of short form, bite sized entertainment is so ideal on the internet, and even via mobile it makes me wonder what kind [...]

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