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How to be happy in business

This is a wonderful diagram from Bud Caddel who writes I’ts a concept I believe in and one that I wished I had really understood a long time ago. Finding something that you really love to do is for some people is itself a lifetimes work. I think sometimes it takes a lot of [...]

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Rename Wolf Blitzer on is an interesting collaborative crowdsourcing decision making platform. They seem to position themselves as a sort of collaborative ideation/innovation platform. It seems that their main marketing strategy is to launch interesting services on it’s platform and the most recent one is called Name This, the main idea being that for $99 companies/entrepreneurs can post [...]

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Found this video on Jonnie Moore’s always thought provoking blog. It’s a collaboration of 200 students in an anthropology class that looks at the defining characteristics of students today. It certainly seemed bleak in many ways, and illustrated how the modern school system of lecture halls and chalkboards were antiquated, but what surprised me is [...]

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Want to know more about Net Neutrality? SF Law School January 26th, 2008

A friend of mine at the San Francisco Law school just let me know about a symposium the law school is holding on Net Neutrality. This full day only costs $50 (unless you want credit in which case it’s $100) and will probably give you a more in depth understanding of this polarizing issue. I [...]

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