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Wired magazine is running an article this week about an Alternate Reality Game that was spawned from an episode of Hero’s, and even claims that the article itself may be a clue in another ARG that Wired is running.

For the ordinary couch potato, “Godsend” was just another episode of the TV series Heroes. But for vigilant viewers, the three-second glimpse of a business card from shadowy Primatech Paper was an invitation to step into the show’s universe. If you called the 800 number on the card, you quickly found yourself headed down the rabbit hole of Heroes’ first alternate reality game. Those who made it through learned a secret about a key character in the show.

I think the concept of ARG’s that run parallel to, and extend the traditional narratives are fascinating, rather than being just a marketing tool they are actually extending the art of the narrative and engaging people’s creativity, curiosity, and skill. In many ways the ARG’s that run along side shows like lost and Hero’s are a distinct kind of ARG, kind of like a Meta-Game, or Meta-Narrative.

Even the recent game that has been running to promote the new Batman does a wonderful job of engaging people in the story.

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  1. Posted June 19, 2007 at 8:37 am | Permalink

    That is the idea what i am looking for

    Thanks Karl :)

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