This Young Adults Panel Should Terrify Marketers

Picture 66A panel of young adults moderated by Guy Kawasaki which should be very interesting to marketers and anyone in the mobile business. Conclusions and insights from this should obviously be taken with a pinch of salt as this is a pretty homogeneous group, but some of the answers to Guy’s questions were stunning to me, and I consider myself extremely savvy. You can see the entire Veotag video here, which has the wonderful feature of bookmarking different parts of the video with hyper links (which I have done in the bullet points).

  • In this panel of 6 people 2 of them (girls) send over 4000 text messages in a month
  • Very few of them watched more than a couple of hours of TV a week and all of it was tivo’d so all ads were skipped
  • Almost all of them subscribed to or at least read wired
  • Almost all of them are on Verizon
  • When asked what gadget or service they would want they almost all wanted a converged mobile device that held everything all their content, music, video, and acted as a billing device so they could buy stuff
  • All of them were on myspace or facebook (no surprise there)
  • None of them knew what RSS was
  • Non of them wrote a blog but most read them
  • Only one of them knew what a wiki was but they all used wikipedia
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  1. Posted September 24, 2007 at 12:17 pm | Permalink

    Great video. I remember see this a back in the early part of summer. I watch this from time to time as inspiration, even if I’m part of this demo from a Canadian perspective. I think a lot of young people, at least in Canada, know what a wiki and RSS feed is. Bu great video none the less.

  2. Posted September 24, 2007 at 7:55 pm | Permalink

    While this group may have been teenagers, I don’t know that I feel comfortable with any learnings derived from this focus group. In my experience as a guidance counselor to teens, I’m not too sure that they aptly represent the average joe america teen group.

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