Ambient Devices Partner with Google For Some Participatory Design

Greenorb Withchair IconYou may of heard of the Ambient Orb, a glowing ball that changes color based upon some underlying data like the stock market, or in our offices case at Nokia how much electricity we are using :-) Blue means we’re using a reasonable amount, but if it’s glowing red it means we should turn off some lights. Anyway, Ambient Devices, started by a friend and colleague David Rose, is in the business of making information “glance-able”.

I recently heard from David about a new product called the Ambient Clock. Well you might say the clock is already pretty “glance-able”, but what they are trying to do is show appointments on your clock from a calendar. Kind of a “glance-able” schedule. What is really interesting about this is that they have integrating with the google calendar, enabling you to try out the Ambient Clock interface on your google homepage. A pretty neat way to prototype or beta test a piece of hardware.

Here’s a picture of my Ambient clock on my google homepage, note that it’s glowing orange because I have an appointment coming up:
Ambiant Clock 8 01

This is what my clock would normally look like because I have no life :-)
Ambiant Clock 7 01

Interesting though. I would be very keen on this if they could integrate with my outlook/entourage stuff.

You can participate in testing this out yourself, just go to and check it out. I’m going to be really interested in what happens with this and the results of this kind of beta testing hardware on the web.

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