7 Video Marketing Tips for Your YouTube Business Channel

Videos and, more specifically, YouTube videos play an important role in marketing strategies for businesses around the world. Videos are projected to be the absolute leader in global internet traffic by 2023, and video leads are reported to be 187% more effective than leads from other mediums.

Thus, video marketing is a powerful medium that allows you to take your business to a whole new level. Furthermore, businesses also want to reach new customers and increase their sales. And video marketing serves both purposes, but you must make the right video in the right way in order to achieve your business goals. So to ease things for you, this article includes seven video marketing tips for improving your YouTube marketing.

Let us see what these YouTube marketing tips are!

Tip 1: Make compelling and attractive titles

Less than 3% of YouTube users click suggested video titles. Your title is the only chance you have to attract views, so you have to make it attractive to increase your click-through rate.  If you want more views, then focus on the title. A catchy title will drive people to click on your videos. Your videos are more likely to get shared if the title is attractive and appealing. Don’t be tempted to try to see how many keywords you can jam into one line! Keep it between 60-80 characters at most. Furthermore, focus on keeping your title short, catchy, and downright informative.

Tip 2: Cater your videos around your customers’ need

When you make videos for your YouTube business channel, you need to be laser-focused on your customers’ needs. If you do, there’s a good chance they will become interested in your brand. Because let’s be honest, people don’t care about you — they care about themselves and their problems. 

As a smart marketer, you want to create videos in a way that helps your customers overcome these problems in the fastest and easiest way possible. For example, if you’re in a business that sells a product, look to create videos in which you’ll guide your customers step-by-step in creating something. 

To sum up, always think about creating value for your audience by addressing their concerns about your products or services.

Tip 3: Form a video editorial plan for all your videos

Before you start recording your first video, develop an editorial plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating videos to help your business or if you’re treating them as a hobby. Videos take time and effort, so developing an editorial plan will save time and uncertainty later on.

Plan everything so that you have a clear picture in your mind when you begin with the actual shoot. Pay close attention to the following when planning your editorial:

  • Video format and script
  • Duration of video
  • Target Audience
  • Frequency of video uploads
  • Audio tracks, music, other elements, etc. to be used in the video

Tip 4: Master the art of YouTube thumbnails

When it comes to conveying the essence of your brand, product, or service in one shot, nothing does it quite like a well-thought-out YouTube thumbnail. The same thing happens when someone visits your business channel page on YouTube. That’s right; YouTube thumbnails are an essential part of any video marketing strategy. Getting people to click on your videos is not always easy. A good thumbnail image gives you the edge to get the click. 90% of the time, people only watch the first 10 seconds of a video; therefore, whether or not they choose to watch can also be influenced by how compelling your thumbnail is. 

Tip 5: Subtly yet very clearly place the relevant CTAs in the videos

What we see and what we hear affects us. Visual and audio cues can persuade us to do things we otherwise wouldn’t. This is why it is important to place the correct CTA (call-to-action) in your videos on YouTube. A CTA can be anything that directs your viewer’s action, such as: subscribe, contact you, buy your product or service, read an article, or watch another video.

There are multiple ways to plan out your CTAs for your videos. But you should make sure that you place your CTAs within the first 5-8 minutes of the video. This is because it is more likely that viewers will leave the video before getting to the annotations or end card.

Tip 6: Use a robust video maker to create professional-looking videos

In today’s digital era, video marketing is essential for business success. However, creating great videos is not easy, particularly for new creators. That is where a good video maker comes in very handy. Using a good video maker can make your life easy.

Tip 7: Consistently promote your brand through your videos

If you want to grow an audience on YouTube, you need to think of YouTube videos as one part of a multi-channel marketing campaign. The key to your success when it comes to YouTube marketing is consistency. There’s no doubt that when you first start on your journey, you’ll be in a trial and error phase, but in the long term, having consistency is imperative. 

When you are consistent with your branding message, it increases your viewers’ awareness of your brand. By using your brand name in your video title, you’re more likely to rank well in the organic results and position yourself as an authoritative voice on the subject matter.


YouTube video marketing should be an important part of your business marketing strategy. Countless users use YouTube as their sole source of video content. It’s why video marketing is such an effective tactic, and you must take advantage of this platform as much as possible. The seven strategies mentioned in this blog will definitely help you create the best videos for business. Thus, with this blog, we hope you will be able to ace your YouTube marketing game and take it to the next level.