Blogging is Good For Your Career

For many of us blogging is something of a side hustle and a way in which we can express some creativity on our own time, but did you know that it can actually be good for your career prospects too? Many miss out on the many benefits which blogging can offer when it comes to career opportunities, hence why I wanted to put this piece together. 

Now I am always someone who will extoll the many virtues which blogging has, although career opportunities is rarely something which I necessarily touch on, well that changes today. And so, here is exactly why blogging can help your career. 

Doing it For Yourself

There is a real autonomy which you will get when you begin to blog, after all this is something which you will have started on your own, continued on your own and it is ultimately a very personal thing. Businesses love people who can do a combination of two things, someone who can be a team player and someone who can be autonomous, and it doesn’t get more autonomous than creating your very own website. 

Critical Thinking 

As a blogger I can honestly tell you that there is nothing more fear inducing than putting out information which may be false, and fact checking often goes through the rood before posting, even when you know that you know something. Ultimately blogging is about putting yourself out there and whilst you can most certainly be outlandish and shocking, you are going to have to back up any claims which you make. This encourages critical thinking and fact checking which are of course going to be extremely beneficial in many careers which you could take on. 

Tech Savvy 

Increasingly we are seeing jobs right across the board which require you to have some level of tech or internet savvy and this is going to play right into that. It is not just the tech industry which I am referring to, although that would of course be a great jumping off point, but many industries which are automating and looking to harness the power of the web to push towards their business goals. What better person to have on board as they launch into the internet space than someone who has been occupying it for such a long time! 

Attention to Detail 

When blogging one should always pay attention to the details and ensure that fact checking, grammar and punctuation, quality of media and hyperlinks are all in place, the editing process is not one to be scoffed at. What this displays is an immaculate attention to detail which is going to stand you in great stead no matter what the job role is that you are looking for. 

There will be some jobs which you can secure off the back of your blog alone, although these aren’t abundant, you can however use your blog to showcase a great side of who you are, and that can seriously increase your chances.