Co-commerce (co-creation + Ecommerce)

There is an ld saying that content will always follow the money and that has not changed much since I have been involved in online activities. After all what would you prefer, to write a lengthy and well though out article that you hope will do well in the future so that you may be able to monetize your blog, or getting paid to write that article? No brainer right? 

What most people have been doing thus far is writing reviews for products and books in exchange for straight up payment or perhaps even affiliate sales, but that may all be over pretty soon given that MeCommerce, a new idea which is being powered by GoodStorm, is looking to find bloggers who will partner with them, which will see them with the opportunity to make a whopping 50% off whichever products they are looking to pimp out, not bad! 

Here is what the company says around this new idea:

“The company develops and provides free tools, technologies and social-networking functionality for sellers—ranging from nonprofit, political and educational organizations, to corporations and individuals—to create online stores marketing print-on-demand apparel and co-branded merchandise through”


For me this is the perfect example of co-commerce which is, as per the title, the combination of co-creation with Ecommerce added in. The best example we have seen so far of this would be a site such as e-Bay which of course is the optimum blend of Ecommerce brought about by the strength of the community and its users. What GoodStorm are looking to do with MeCommerce is tap into that world of bloggers and marketeers in order to create a fair and vibrant affiliate scheme which will be a win-win for all involved. 


Whilst in principle this is of course a wonderful idea the proof will very much be in the pudding as to how well the service is able to deliver. The key to this will not be the bloggers who will sign up, there is absolutely no risk of that particular community missing out on the chance to make 50% on affiliate sales alone, not on your life! The key to the success of this idea will be the amount of businesses who wish to jump on board and offer up products and services at the other end, which of course will be sold through GoodStorm. 

Currently this is still in the beta stages but I am very hopeful and really looking forward to what will happen with this product moving forward. If you are a blogger who wishes to get on board then check out the information at MeCommerce, make sure that you understand exactly what is expected of you and then if you are up for joining in this exciting program simply sign up and start earning, and please let me know how you find their program.