Conversion Rate Optimization: Useful Tools for Increasing Conversion Rates in 2021

Are you trying to make it as an online entrepreneur? Then you will no doubt want to increase the number of clicks to sales on whatever product you are trying to sell.

To achieve this you can use several tools. Conversation rate optimization is a subtle skill that you might not be aware of. But you can use it to help you sell more products.

Free tools are in abundance and there are also some great paid options as well. Here’s everything you need to know about increasing conversion rates.

Hub Spot Market Automation

If you use HubSpot’s Market Automation, you have some great tools at hand. HubSpot’s exit-intent software allows you to gain deeper insights into the behavior of contacts in your database and your prospects. It allows you to customize popups and forms without encoding, and it integrates with HubSpot CRM. Certain features are even available free of charge.

Unbounce assists you to go further than mere analysis. You can create and test landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars without developers. A simple dashboard helps you to see which marketing efforts are being implemented and which benefit from optimization.

If you’re not sure what a healthy conversion rate is for your business, your company’s grader tool can help you see how your sites compare with others in your industry.

You can gain important insights, including whether the images are too large or too slow, your page speed, and loading times. Then you can create a comprehensive report with recommendations to improve your conversion rates.

CRO Suite, Hotjar and Lucky Oranges

One great tool is the CRO suite, which allows you to accurately determine the user behavior on your website with dynamic heatmapping and several other features.

Recording visitors is a form of analysis that captures their intentions. See where visitors scroll as they make their way through your page.

You can run A / B tests to see if your optimization idea is correct. The platform offers more training options, but the main difference is the price, which is three times higher than the price of Lucky Oranges, another great but expensive software per month.

Hotjar is another program. It has a full range of thermal maps and clicks tracking to give you a snapshot of your visitor behavior. It also adds functionality to segment clicks by source and evaluates your link effectiveness.

Also, don’t forget about this digital experience store or DXS which might have some tools that can help you.


Google PageSpeed analyzes the loading time of your websites and gives suggestions on how to make them faster.

The second it takes to load your website is one second. If you’re like me, have a little patience waiting for pictures and text to appear on your screen, press the back button and look for resources that offer an optimized user experience.

Personalization is one of the best ways to attract visitors and turn them into buyers.

The King of Search Engines

Google is the top search engine and as is by far the best tool for searching for keywords.

Google shows helpful data. This includes CROs and the devices visitors use, their demographics, how long it takes visitors to bounce back to your site, backlink sources, and more.

However, Google does not link to specific emails or contacts for visitors.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty is an all-inclusive platform that adds a personal touch to your campaigns through customer activation. Remember it now comes with a whole host of integrations.

It is compatible with multiple e-commerce platforms and numerous content management systems. Despite the high price, it is best reserved for larger companies.

The key to optimizing the conversion rate is to test which strategies can be improved. Help run tests across devices and platforms, including mobile apps, TV apps, and IoT apps. Help determine by multivariate tests whether a control group has a significant offer.

Heavy Price Tag

They are somewhat reticent about their pricing structure. Word on the street is $50,000 a year, but their high praise in online reviews seems to pay off for many marketers.

You have several tools at your disposal to direct traffic to your website and turn it into leads. Optimizely has a smart bar to increase email subscribers, an easy way for visitors to register for webinars, free courses, and more to attract new visitors to your site.

They also have a sharing tool to increase your social shares, and they feature an audience development widget with a viral component.

GOD Design

Although it is not a stand-alone tool, don’t miss out on the Growth-Oriented Website Design (GDD) method for conversation rate optimization. Your website is never finished with a GDD mentality. Each GDD site will be further developed and improved as new knowledge is gained.

Combine the right tools and take a continuous improvement approach to optimize your website and maximize your lead and conversion results.

As much as we would like to say that there is a single tool that gives you all kinds of insights, you would like it to exist. While many platforms claim to do everything, we have found that the value is in leveraging insights from multiple services.

Increasing Conversion Rates: Get the Right Tools

As with any job you need the right tools to get it done. What are conversion rates you might ask? The truth is increasing conversion rates isn’t just about creating a great product, it’s also about having a great team behind you with great tools.

From GOD design to Google’s top rate analytics tools, there is a huge host of information that you can use and apply to boost sales of your products or services.

If you are interested in learning more about increasing conversion rates be sure to check out the rest of our site.