Does stress lower your libido? Discover what experts have to say!

Stress can cause many troubles in your life. The pressure of meeting deadlines, making money, or life challenges- the reason for your anxiety can be anything. But- dealing with so many issues and concerns can affect your health, both physically and mentally. One of the most common health issues that arise from anxiety is low libido. 

When your mind reacts to stressful moments, your body experiences a series of hormonal changes. You can experience a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. The hormonal change also triggers the release of hormones, such as cortisol and epinephrine. As a result of it, you may experience a lower sex drive. 

Eventually, exacerbating anxiety can cause many relationship issues with your partner. So, how to cope with it? 

Discover what experts suggest to prevent this condition! 

How do you cope with it individually? 

Reducing the number of stressful events and practicing stress management is one of the best methods to reduce the chances of low libido. If you feel that the anxiety is dampening your passion for intimacy, start considering stress management activities. 

Relaxation techniques can help you to reduce the reverse response of the mind to stressful events. They curb the number of hormonal changes in your body. Some of the practical techniques are– 

Aromatherapy— It relaxes tense muscles

Breathing exercise— It lowers pulse rate and heart rate 

Guided imagery— It helps to evoke positive thoughts 

Journaling— It lets you clarify your thoughts and feelings 

Meditation— it increases the ability to concentrate 

Taking the help of therapists is another way to reduce anxiety levels and learn new coping techniques. 

How can a couple deal with it? 

Lack of interest from one partner can affect the interest of another partner negatively. So, we recommend that you and your partner must take a step ahead together to deal with such conditions. Here’s how you both can improve your relationship and intimacy– 

Examine your relationship

Studies show that relationship conflicts and issues can be a vital factor causing low libido. So, it would be best if you examine the health of your relationship. It is recommended for both male and female partners because the tension of a bad relationship can harm both of the partner’s sexual desires. 

Make sure you have transparent communication in your relationship. During difficulties and conflicts, ensure it is both of you vs. the problem. Rather than seeing each other as enemies, face the problem together and end the conflicts on mutual decisions. 

Make time for each other 

A busy lifestyle can result in low intimate desires with your partner. Many of us find ourselves busy making careers and indulging in the work routine. But being busy and overlooking the existence of your partner gives you a little downtime to enjoy together. 

Packed schedules can bring many difficulties while making love with your partner. As a result, you may find bedtime less pleasurable and unappealing. Make sure you’re giving each other the attention you both deserve. 

Start your days together. Let each other know how much they mean to you. Activities such as cooking, bathing, gardening together can pull you closer. Stronger bonds come with more pleasurable moments. 

Focus on Sensation, not Sex 

Touching each other is a great way of expressing love. While spending time in bed, never forget that both of you want to make love or not just have Sex. The sensational touch of your partner can help relieve stress and improve your performance. Rushing can result in less Sensation and premature ejaculation. 

Give yourselves some time and explore each other. You can also consider using endurance wipes to increase the time. It will give you more time to enjoy pleasurable moments. You can also check the information mentioned on about endurance wipes. As per their blog, endurance wipes work quickly and can boost your performance highly. 

Before starting, make sure you are touching each other. It increases the desire for closeness. And, the result will come with relaxation and more pleasure and intimacy. 

Know each other’s desires 

Open and honest intimate communication with your partner can improve your relationship. It can solve many problems, including the lack of desire to make love. While talking to each other, take extra care of avoiding and blaming your partner. Consider it as a mutual condition and try to find a solution for it. 

Open communication will let you know what your partner desires during those moments. So be honest with them and share your expectations with them. Share your insecurities and try overcoming them together. When you set your mind free from all fears, it will start reflecting on your desires. 


Low libido isn’t a medical condition. So, don’t worry, you’re not dealing with any disease. It can be a side effect of stress, medications, or lifestyle factors. Keeping yourself mentally stable can help you to overcome this condition. Also, you can take the help of a therapist or counselor for fast and effective results.