Finding the Right Tote Bags Online Australia

Recent years have seen the emergence of tote bags as a functional and important accessory because of the versatile uses offered by them. Whether it is bringing home groceries, carrying books, or storing your beach essentials, the tote bags come in handy for just about everything. They can also be used to represent who you are, and you can use these bags to display the causes you believe in.

Totes are known to be quite environmentally friendly too. An average Australian consumer spends a lot on products and services. And with all this spending and the incessant hauling of goods, many people are turning towards more sustainable products like reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags.

What is a Tote Bag?

A tote bag is a large and foldable sturdy bag that can be used for carrying a lot of things. Any bag which has long handles on either side and is open at the top is essentially referred to as a tote bag. Their main purpose is to be used as a carryall, especially when you want to run errands or shop for something. A canvas tote bag is made from reusable materials like cotton, and it is quite comfortable to carry throughout the day. Clothing The Gaps cotton tote bags are the best option if you want tote bags online in Australia, especially with meaning and impact behind the brand.

Clothing The Gaps Tote Bags

Some features of Clothing The Gaps tote bags include:

· Made from 100% cotton canvas material.

· Original AS Colour Carrier Tote.

· Excellent quality of 320 GSM thick cotton fabric.

· There is a large main compartment.

· The bag has reinforced shoulder straps.

· Size: 42cm x 42cm.

· Colors: Cream, Granite, and Black.

The totes come in different themes representing the values of Clothing The Gaps, such as:

1.Shades of Deadly’: It is a ‘MOB Only’ piece, and by that, we mean that the piece has been made specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. The Shades of Deadly campaign was created to offer a platform for the First Nations people, where they can embrace their identities. 

2.Aboriginal Land’: The bag represents that Australia always was and always will be Aboriginal Land. The sovereignty of this land was never ceded. This is an Ally Friendly tote bag, which means non-Indigenous people can use this to show your support Clothing The Gaps.

3. ‘Always Was, Always Will Be’: This is another Ally Friendly tote bag that allows you to express your solidarity for Clothing The Gaps cause, and is an important conversation starter. 

4. Free The Flag: This tote bag is an Ally Friendly tote that represents the ‘Free The Flag’ campaign. The Aboriginal flag is something that unites the First Nations community. The Free The Flag tote is a great way to start important conversations and raise awareness for the campaign, bringing attention to the fact the flag is copyrighted. 

Why Cotton Tote Bags?

The Clothing The Gaps tote bags are made from sturdy cotton material, which is easy to wash and is also quite lightweight to carry around all day. Here are some of the reasons why Clothing The Gaps cotton tote bags are the right choice for you.

· They are eco-friendly as they are made from renewable resources. They are reusable and also biodegradable, perfect for those with a conscious mind!

· They are comfortable and lightweight – making everyday activities like shopping easy. 

· They are resilient as they last for a long time without wear and tear – they’ll be with you for a long time!

· They are affordable.

· They are machine-washable, which is very convenient after every day use!


When you purchase the Clothing The Gaps tote bags online in Australia, you know you are making the right choice. Armed with the right tote bag, you will not only help the environment but also create awareness about an important social issue. Clothing The Gaps stays true to our values of elevating, educating, motivating and advocating for the right of First Nations people. These are certain causes which Clothing The Gaps believe are worth fighting for, and that can only be done if a conversation is created around it.