How a Disabled Worker Can Be An Asset To Your Business

We live in an age of diversity in Australia and this has also been embraced by many employers. Diversity in the workplace includes hiring people of different genders, ages, nationalities, as well as giving people who live with a disability a go.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at how a worker with a disability can be an asset to a business or company and what positives they bring to the workplace. 

Workers With a Disability Tend To Stay Longer

Many people who have a disability and want employment will be more than happy to land a job. Naturally, a person with a disability faces more challenges when it comes to finding employment, so once they have a job, they’re often more determined to make the opportunity work and have a strong desire to keep that job, rather than always being on the lookout for something new.

Sometimes able-bodied workers enter a job with the plan to only keep it until they find something else. It’s quite common. Disabled workers, however, often appreciate the opportunity so much that they decide to stay for the long haul. 

They Focus On Doing a Great Job

While many able-bodied workers also focus on doing a great job and performing their tasks to expectations, studies have shown that when workers with a disability are given an opportunity, they can often take to it with even greater zeal and commitment to excellence.

With dedicated assistance from the best NDIS support provider, they relish the chance to prove themselves more than capable, and often exhibit a lot of enthusiasm and pride for their job position.

They relish the chance to prove themselves more than capable and often exhibit a lot of enthusiasm and pride for their job position. 

A Disabled Worker Can Be An Inspiration and a Role Model

When you have an employee with a disability on your staff and they are doing an excellent job, it doesn’t matter what the disability is, this employee will likely prove to be an inspiration to your other employees and perhaps the efforts of the disabled employee will motivate other staff members to work even harder. This employee will also be somewhat of a role model for other people with a disability who are looking to find a job or pursue a career path. 

Create Goodwill With Customers

If your business or company is very customer-centric and face to face interaction with customers is a daily thing, hiring someone with a disability can have a positive impact in a number of ways.

First off, customers will be impressed that you’ve hired someone with a disability and given them a go. It’s good PR for your brand and the more positive impression you can give your brand, the better it is for business moving forward.

A second thing to consider is that many disabled workers are very good with customers and are eager to please. Customers also often feel very at ease when being looked after by a disabled worker, especially when that worker is very friendly and accommodating.

Diversity in the workplace is the trend in modern times and it’s very good for business. 

Employers Can Receive Government Assistance

Under government schemes such as Disability Employment Services (DES) and other systems, employers who hire people with disabilities may be eligible for government incentives. One such incentive is a wage subsidy, where the Federal Government subsidises a portion of the disabled worker’s wages. This provides incentives for employers to take a chance on hiring someone with a disability as well as reducing financial risk in the endeavour.

There are other incentives and motivating programs in place and if you do hire someone who has a disability, you’ll also receive assistance in the form of the best for both employer and employee, to ensure everything runs smoothly. These schemes and programs don’t just stop at getting jobs for people with disabilities. They are designed in such a way that these workers become valuable members of your workforce, so that disabled employees not only find jobs, but keep those jobs. 

In Conclusion

The mindset of an employee with a disability can sometimes be different from other employees as, due to circumstances and added challenges, they can be more grateful to have a regular job and fully appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given. It can be a very smart move for your business.