How Could a Hit and Run Change Your Life?

The thought of being in a hit and run accident is scary to most drivers and passengers.

That said do you ever stop and think about how such an accident could change your life now and down the road?

While you do not want to obsess over such an incident, it is good to have some perspective on the matter.

Being in a hit and run can change one’s life depending on how the outcome plays out.

Take Necessary Steps Following Such an Incident

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a hit and run, the focus should be on the following:

  1. Make sure physical health is okay – Your first priority is to make sure you are physically okay. While you are likely going to be shaken up to one degree or another, your physical well-being matters. Even a hit and run at slow speeds has the potential to cause damages to you. As a result, it is important to get checked out as soon as possible. If medical personnel are on the scene, let them go over you to make sure you do not have any serious injuries. It is important to note that some injuries do not always surface right away such as concussions. Without medical personnel at the scene, make your way to an urgent care, hospital or your doctor’s for a checkup.
  2. Finding out who the culprit is – There is a reason or reasons for that matter drivers take off following a hit and run. It can be everything from not wanting to have to deal with the fallout to hiding a criminal record and more. That said your goal once you determine you are not injured and will be okay is to find the driver. No, this does not mean chasing after them. It means you or one at the scene in all hopes got a license plate number and even a description of the vehicle and driver. If in California, you can when you get time go online and do a California license plate check. Such a check could move you closer to discovering who the driver is. That info you could come across should be passed along to authorities as soon as possible. The quicker one can act on such a case, the better chance of finding the person and holding them accountable.
  3. Making sure your vehicle is sound moving ahead – Last, how did your vehicle hold up? If the vehicle sustained minor damage, you may well be able to continue with it moving ahead. If it did not hold up so well, you might be forced to find another car or truck to use in the days, months and years to come. It is important to not rush into settling on anything as it relates to your insurance. The goal of course is to get the individual responsible for the accident. That is for them to bear the brunt of the costs for another vehicle for you. 

While your hope is to never be in a hit and run, one may find you even when you are not looking for it.