How to choose the best electronic cigarette

It has been known for many decades that smoking is harmful and can lead to many diseases, including cancer and many other respiratory illnesses. In recent years, there have been developments in tobacco-free and less harmful alternatives to smoking, including electronic cigarettes that have different technologies and a wide variety of models available. Read below to learn more about vaping and see which one is best for you.

All electronic cigarettes work in a similar fashion, consisting of an atomizer (or coil), a battery and a container for the e-liquid, which is vaporized to simulate the tobacco smoke, but it does not burn nor contains tobacco. The e-liquid itself is made of propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and many different flavors.

When you are choosing your vaping device, you will see there are two types of e-liquids that are used in the atomizers. Freebase juices can have anywhere between 0mg to 18mg of nicotine per ml, which means it needs more watts from a powerful e-cig to deliver its vapor. This is good for people who do not feel the need for a high nicotine content and want to produce large clouds when vaping.

On the other hand, nicotine salts juices will come in a concentration of at least 20 mg/ml and will require less power to work. The so-called “pod-mods” are more portable and are recommended for people that are trying to quit cigarettes, don’t enjoy regular vaping or simply want a simple device to carry around and does not need too much maintenance.

Another difference comes in the way you prefer to inhale smoke. Mouth-to-lung smokers will usually prefer a nicotine salt e-cig as it has higher resistance coils that produce a stronger throat hit, and people who enjoy inhaling directly to the lungs will be a better fit with a freebase kit and a sub-ohm (lower resistance) atomizer, providing a smoother vaping experience.

Unless you are purchasing a disposable electronic cigarette, you will have to learn the basics of cleaning and maintenance to ensure your device is safe and pleasant to vape. As time passes, the atomizer, which consists of a metal coil and a cotton wick, will start to degrade and taste bad. Cleaning is necessary as you replace liquids and parts, as it can leak in between the electric contacts and potentially damage your e-cig. Some pods do not allow you to disassemble its tank and atomizer to perform cleaning, so if possible, choose a model that you can replace specific parts and clean your tank.

If you still are looking for a smokeless or even vaporless alternative to smoking, you should check out nicotine pouches, which are easy to use, do not damage your teeth and also come in different flavors and nicotine contents. It works by simply inserting the small pouches in between your lips and gums, and your saliva and mucous membranes will do the rest of the work. It can be used in many different scenarios where smoking is banned or uncomfortable, such as when you are in an airplane, driving or even wearing a mask.