How To Have A More User-Friendly Site Using accessiBe WordPress

User experience or UX is an important aspect of any website. To make your site more user-friendly, you have to have a good knowledge of the design principles behind it. Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, can help you improve UX by making sure that everything being displayed on the page is relevant to the user’s needs, and the page is relevant to the visitor. In this article, we will have a look at what AI can do for your WordPress site and how you can implement accessiBe WordPress into it.

1. What Is accessiBe?

accessiBe WordPress is a plugin that uses machine learning technology to scan articles, widgets, and custom post types across your site and create a summary of them which you can then use as your author description on your blog’s home page or in the widget areas on individual posts. This plugin has been designed with SEO in mind. It helps improve UX by engaging users early on with all important aspects of an article, from the title to the metadata, if they choose to stay on your site long enough to read all of it.

2. How Is accessiBe Able To Keep Track Of My Pages?

accessiBe WordPress works by using custom post types to track content on your site. This enables you to have complete control of what is being scanned. For example, you might want some categories or post types not to be included in the summary so that these are excluded from scanning while some others are included for analyzing and summarizing. You can create posts under Custom Post Types that represent the pages on your site. You can then define rules that define which pages are eligible for analysis/summarization, what kind of summaries should be generated if any additional metadata should be gathered etc. 3. How Is accessiBe Analytics Different From The WordPress Site Stats?

The WordPress site stats plugin gathers information from your blog and provides you with a variety of interesting data about your posts, pages, categories, etc to help you understand how users are interacting with your content. However, there is no way for this plugin to collect metadata other than the title, URL, and the excerpt, which increases the risk of losing out on valuable SEO opportunities while trying to optimize user experience. accessiBe analytics solves this problem by filling in all the missing blanks so that you have everything at your disposal when writing an article or creating a post.

3. What Kind Of Content Can I Include In My Author Profile, And How Much Of It Will My Readers See?

Your author profile can include pretty much anything related to the content on your site. You can include a short bio that will be displayed with your profile picture, a link to a website or blog that you might have, a list of all the social media profiles you might be associated with, etc. At the same time, all relevant information from title, metadata, and even excerpts from posts should make it into this section. This should be more than enough for your readers to get an idea about who you are and what topics you write about.