Joon Faii Ong – Tips on Becoming a Fashion Designer

When it comes to a career there are some positions which have a very clear path on how to get there. In the main these types of careers involve going and getting an education before getting started on the ladder to success. When it comes to some more creative careers however, there is much less of a clear pathway to actually being able to do this. For example becoming a fashion designer is not easy at all and if this is something that you dream about then we have some tips which just may be able to help you out. My good friend Joon Faii Ong has been in this industry for many years and she helped me out with tips that can support the budding fashion designer in you.

Design Your Life Away

There is little point in making a tilt to try and get your name out there if you do not have a wealth of designs which you can use to showcase what you do. Make sure that you are following themes for your designs, this is what houses and stores are looking for, someone with a collection and a certain way about them, not just anyone who is able to draw.

Using Social Media

Unlike things were in the past, social media has now made easier than ever before for fashion designers to get themselves out there. There are a number of ways in which you should be using your social media, the first is you, making sure that your social media pages reflect what you are doing with regards to designs and the process which you are going through. Another great idea here is to send your garments out to influencers, it only takes one to fall in love with your stuff and all of a sudden you will see a sharp rise in your popularity.

Reaching Out

When it comes to working with fashion houses or other designers the best thing to do is just to continuously reaching out to them. There are occasionally gaps, or a position which needs to be filled and if you are able to put yourself out there at the right time then you may just get a break.

Entering Competitions and Shows

Very often than are competitions and shows for local fashion designers and this could be the perfect way for you to work yourself up the ladder. The more of these that you decide to enter into the better known you will become and the more people within the industry you will meet, which could certainly present an opportunity to you going forward.

No matter how many knock backs you get throughout your career it is absolutely critical that you continue to design, that you continue to try and that you always push to get your designs out there. Ultimately those who do make it in this industry have done so thanks to a good sprinkling of tenacity along with their innovative and beautiful designs.