Microsoft Hiring UX Evangelist

Every dreamed of working for a tech giant like Microsoft? If so then you may very well be interested in a  job offer which they have recently put out. Normally I’m not in the business of posting job offers but every now and again there are some which I glance over and they just sound pretty awesome from the first look. 


Not only would working at Microsoft be amazing and filled with benefits, the title itself of a ‘User Experience Evangelist’ is no doubt one which you’ll proudly talk abut to friends and family, even strangers perhaps. Check out a short segment of the job description and see whether or not you reckon that you have what is needed to take on such a well-named and highly responsible position. 

Become a Microsoft UXE

The senior level User Experience Evangelist (UXE) candidates we’re seeking will speak both the language of business and design; will have the credibility to engage the design community in a dialogue about the impact of user experience on business and life. Microsoft wishes to spread the good news about how its newest platforms and tools are set to lead the market in enabling designers and developers to build rich, immersive and compelling user experiences like never before. The UXEs will be a critical part of the strategic end-user experience research group that delivers insights and feedback to the product development teams…

Has this whet your appetite? Read on to find out what your life could be like as a UXE for this wonderful company;

….As a UXE, you are Microsoft’s representative to the designer community helping to win the hearts and minds regarding the Microsoft platform. The notion of “User Experience” lies at the center of Microsoft’s continued long term success as a platform company, by enabling our customers to build rich, immersive, compelling end-user experiences that stand-out and differentiate from competitive offerings. The “creative professional” audience is a critical component of the development process. In order to realize improved software UX, designers will need to be empowered to design and build the best possible content in the most productive and efficient collaborative environment together with professional developers. 

Nice to Have 

As is the case with most jobs there are also some ‘nice to have skills’ which of course means ‘if you don’t have them you don’t get the job’. These skills are as follows:

  • Already an active person in the community with a credible profile
  • Is speaking at UX/design related conferences
  • Is in a position of influence in the wider community and is well connected
  • Traditionally not biased towards MS so will be perceived as non-partisan
  • Underneath that there is substance – he/she ‘gets’ it, is passionate about this stuff, does it at home.
  • Is a good speaker and group leader. Has experience writing white papers and is a very active blogger.

What do you think about that then? Reckon you have what it takes, fancy the title UXE? If so don’t hesitate to get in touch and put your name in the mix.