Patentwiki – An Idea Incubator

I cant tell you the number of times in my life where I had a killer idea and failed to execute on it, which is even worse given the fact that I regularly call people and businesses out on here for that very same thing. 

It is for this reason then that I am currently working on something which I am very excited about, and it was one of those Eureka moments which I did actually pay attention to and decide to do something about. The idea is called Patentwiki (name of the idea I must stress, not the business) and it is something which I genuinely believe could work well. The idea is very much in the embryonic stage but I wanted to share it with you all to see if you may add some ideas or some builds which can help this to take shape quickly and to a high standard. 

Simply put the idea for the business is an ideas exchange, and idea incubator if you will where new business ideas and products can be discussed in a group way, allowing inputs from many stakeholders. The contribution, the sponsoring and the assistance of ideas at this very early stage could work wonders for many start-ups. 


Naturally there are challenges here, the main one being the accordance that everything is done in a group with equal share and responsibilities, the last thing you want is for an idea to grow and grow, only to be stolen and taken into production by a big company. These types of small eco-systems also face the challenge of everyone taking part, in order to gain equal shares of the patent or the business. 


The clear benefit that I can see with this ideas exchange is that it is going to ensure that businesses, even before they begin to crowdfund, rare readier than ever for the market. Owing to the shared ideas and shared vision of an idea, the kinks will be rectified far sooner and the product or the idea for the product will be oven ready in no time at all. 

Shared Startups

I love the idea of shared startups coming together and rising up as one, imagine you have 5 stakeholders for an idea and each member has a startup which is providing different parts for the group project, how amazing it would be for these businesses to rise together under a shared idea and vision. 

Next Steps 

I really look forward to hearing what you guys think about this because it is something which I am super excited about. In truth the idea itself is pretty much the first test for the ‘ideas incubator’ and I’m confident that with your help we can work out any problems which may exist, let’s get our heads together and see if we can make this one of the most exciting business ideas which I have ever had, and one which this time I have actually tried to put into motion.