ReadersMagnet – You’ve Written a Book, So Now What?

If you have taken that idea that you had for a book and actually acted upon it and written it out, then first of all that is incredible and you should be immensely proud of yourself. So what do you do about it now? The answer to that really depends on what you would like to do with your completed piece. Are you looking to keep it in the family? Would you like to get it published? Or do you have some more plans for it?

There are some great options for getting your book published instantly, the likes of ReadersMagnet offer a good service for doing so. First however, let’s take a look at what you should be doing right now.

Gaining Feedback

If you are going to just keep this book for yourself then that is absolutely fine, this will be a wonderful book which you can show to your children and your grandchildren through the years. If however you plan to try and get it published then first you need to find out if it is actually any good. Now unfortunately, friends are not good for this type of thing, nor are family members, the reason of course is that they are bound to biased, even if they try not to be. This bias will not help you to gain a truthful review of your book. The best thing to do is to give it out to acquaintances, and make sure that they don’t think that you wrote it. You could also pay for a publisher to review it for you.

Edit The Book

Few people understand the importance of the editing process, this in fact is equally important as writing the book itself. When you get the piece edited it is about more than just looking at grammar and spelling, there is also a big focus on the accuracy of the information, the flow of the words and the pace of the story. If you have any plans to get published then you will first need to go through a rigorous editing routine.

Sending it Off To Publishing Houses

When you send your story off to publishers it is absolutely essential that you only send a sample of your work, perhaps the first couple of chapters. The reason for this is security, if you are better than you realize and you have a great piece of work on your hands, you want to make sure that nobody else is able to get their hands on it. This may sound far fetched but some people have had their work stolen like this before.

If you have written a piece and a publisher doesn’t want it, and the feedback isn’t great, don’t be disheartened. Nobody picks up the pen and delivers a masterpiece first time, this is all part of a process and you will learn and improve, the very fact that you have completed a piece is seriously impressive.