Roger Wolfson – Who Will Lift the Premier League in 2021?

Well what a season we have had already in the Premier League and here we are, 10 games in, without a clue as to who will be crowned champions come May. Currently the 4 teams at the top of the table battling it out are Leicester, Spurs, Chelsea and of course Liverpool. Manchester City and United have had poor starts, Arsenal are closer to being in a relegation battle than lifting the trophy and the rest of the league looks all over the place. With fans slowly starting to come back into the stadiums we may see some leveling off in the league, for now however, things remain very much up in the air.

Commentators and experts like Roger Wolfson have made their picks, and here is who I think will challenge by the end, and who I think will win.

Tottenham Hotspur

Few felt Spurs would have been in a with a chance to be at the top of the table yet they have shopped well in summer and clearly adapted well to Mourinho’s coaching methods. Spurs currently sit at the top of the table and whilst they have done incredibly well given their recent fixture list, I have to say that I don’t think they’ll be there come the end of the season. Top 3 will be where Spurs should be aiming.


No team spent more in the summer than Chelsea and that £200+ million which was invested will have to pay off for Frank Lampard. The Chelsea legend cut his teeth at the club last season and there is a consensus that this is the year where he should certainly be looking to challenge in the league. I can only see this team getting better with each week that passes and I see absolutely no reason why they won’t be challenging for the top prize at the end of the year.


Whilst Liverpool have certainly been damaged because of the Van Dijk injury they are still very much the team in the league to beat and I still fancy them to defend the title. Klopp is brilliant, every player would die for the shirt and they are just a winning machine, the fans coming back will only strengthen their hand.

Manchester City

City are currently 6 points behind and I have to be honest, I am not ready to write them off just yet, not by a long stretch. The key for Guardiola’s boys will be fitness, especially to the likes of Aguero and the defensive line. Assuming they can stay fit, I absolutely think this team will be challenging.

Leicester City

It’s incredible that Leicester City are still pulling out the results that they are and they look once again in great shape. There isn’t a more balanced team in the league for me and if Maddison and Vardy stay fit, this is a top 4 team, without any question. the issue will be, who’s place do they take?

And so it will be Liverpool 1st, Chelsea 2nd, Spurs 3rd and Leicester just nicking it for 4th, that’s my pick, what about yours?