Should You Sell Your Beer Bottled or Canned?

Would you like to know how to optimize sales of your beloved products?

If you agree, then you need to look no further. Today, We will discuss the difference between bottled and canned beer.

Why should you know about bottling versus canning? In this article, we will talk about critical strengths and weaknesses. Why not read on and learn more about the difference between beer bottled or canned?

Durability and Quality

Cans are often considered more durable since they are sturdier and more resistant to breakage and punctures. They keep out light and oxygen better, so the beer inside will stay fresher for extended periods.

Additionally, aluminum cans are 100 percent recyclable, helping reduce environmental waste. On the other hand, glass bottles are considered to possess better quality.

Beer can also absorb the flavors of the glass if stored or packaged for some time. If you are looking for beer cans, you may also look for the quality can end.

Cost and Convenience

Both options should be considered case-by-case, as cost and convenience are significant factors. Bottled beers are generally more expensive to package. It offers greater convenience and the ability to keep for longer.

Cans can be cheaper to create and produce, making it a better choice for a budget business. They also take up less space and are much more convenient to transport, especially for outdoor events.

Although cans are cheaper, environmental factors must be considered as they are not recyclable. When deciding between canned and bottled beers, it would be best to weigh cost, convenience, and reputation.

Storage and Transporting

Selling beer in bottles or cans should be the focus of one’s decision. Bottles are excellent for storing beer for long periods as oxygen exposure is minimal.

Bottles also have the added benefit of being cost-effective to transport in large bulk amounts if needed. On the other hand, canned beer tends to be a bit more expensive to transport as they don’t hold up as well when traveling long distances.

Beer cans are generally lighter and do better when stored in humid climates. Whichever one chooses, assessing the long-term impact of storage and transport on one’s beer is essential. 

Does Packaging Affect Flavor?

When considering whether to sell your beer bottled or canned, it is essential to consider how packaging will affect the flavor.

While cans are better for protecting beer from light and oxidation and for convenience, bottles offer more opportunities for customization. Bottles can also add a more intense aroma and flavor to the beer since they often feature a cap that lets you add additional ingredients or change the pressure of the beer.

On the other hand, they can be more expensive and labor-intensive to package. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and budget. If you are sure your beer will not be exposed to light, bottles might be a better option.

Choose the Best Between Bottled or Canned

The decision to be bottled or canned ultimately depends upon your preference, the cost of materials, and your target audience. Finally, ensure your product packaging meets the requirements of your beer so that your beer is given the best chance to stand out amongst your competitors. Start now and make sure to use the proper packaging for your beer.

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