Smart Ways to Enhance Your Weight Loss Goal

Do you find yourself gazing at your image in the mirror, daydreaming about what you used to look like years ago? Have you wished that your outward appearance, despite your age, actually mirrored how young you still feel inside?

You are not alone. Many women have gone through the yo-yo dieting that hasn’t worked, no matter how many times they tried it. Some are still on a quest to lose weight and others are trying hard to manage their weight loss. Nothing is wrong with wishing for a more defined physique, one that will boost your self-esteem and confidence. However, the combination of the foods you eat and your physical activities can make the difference in how you lose weight and how much.

If you decide that you are bored working out on an exercise bike at home, you can inject some entertainment while you are riding that stationary bike. This is only an option for those who are open-minded. With a little distraction, you could get multiplayer sex games online and use them to keep your mind off the arduous work necessary to lose the pounds. You are not going to even remember that you were sweating and panting on a stationary bike.

Just a side note, you don’t have to walk, run, hike, or do push ups to lose those extra pounds. As long as you are involved in any kind of activity that gets the heart pumping, you can do whatever you want.

Become Active

While you should include consistent exercise in your daily routine, you can also rely on normal activities to help you burn extra calories to lose weight. According to research done by the American Council of Exercise, it is possible for physically active individuals to burn an additional 300 calories each day. In a matter of 12 days of daily physical activities, individuals can lose an extra pound. And, this is very encouraging, if you are trying to lose the pounds and see the results as soon as possible.

Normal Activities

The additional 300 calories can come from non-exercise activities such as walking from the parking lot to the store, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, riding your bike to the corner store, working in your garden, and cleaning your house. Studies have shown that a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn a specific number of calories in half an hour with normal activities such as:

* Raking up leaves – 147 calories

* Weeding your garden – 153 calories

* Cleaning house – 102 calories

* Packing and unpacking for a move – 191 calories

* Moderately playing with your kids – 139 calories

* Vacuuming – 119 calories

* Riding a bike on flat surface – 220 calories

* Mowing your lawn – 205 calories

What does this mean? It means that you should never lead a sedentary lifestyle, but become as active as possible, making use of the normal activities that can give you the extra calorie burn. In other words, there are just no excuses anymore.

You don’t have to be lazy when there are things around the house that you can do. And, if you want to continue being open-minded and thinking of ways that you can get your heart pumping and pounds dripping off, you could consider having a sexual session with an escort. In Utah, the best Escorts online are always fit due to all of the passionate sessions that help them burn calories.


Whether you want to lose a few pounds fast or just want to jumpstart your weight loss goal, juicing is the ideal option. It is already proven that losing weight will require that you burn more calories than you consume. However, it can be quite challenging to consume all the nutrients necessary to complete daily tasks while maintaining a low caloric intake, so you may want to consider adding supplements such as Gundry MD Energy Renew to your diet. If you were to replace your breakfast or lunch with a glass of green smoothie, it would go a long way in assisting with your weight loss goal. In juicing, use nutrient-rich Superfoods such as carrots, kale, spinach, acai berries, and cucumbers.

Healthy Thyroid

It is important to maintain a healthy thyroid, but many Americans are not aware of its significance to weight loss. The thyroid gland’s responsibility is to produce thyroid hormone, which increases and controls the metabolism health as well as regulates energy level. People exposed to fluoride chemicals, soy consumption, and iodine deficit are usually robbed of adequate thyroid hormone needed to regulate the body, therefore, leading to weight gain.

In addition to checking with your doctor, you can adopt some very practical habits such as drinking water free of fluoride, taking iodine supplements, and eating more foods rich in iodine.  If you opt for iodine supplements, be sure you take them only from verified and certified places, like Supersmart. You should also avoid soy, gluten products, and wheat.

Your Sex Life

As hinted before, sex is a great way to boost your metabolism. We all know that sex is a great way to keep you active. And so, don’t be shy about using it to your advantage. Although you don’t have to do this every day, you should do it often enough to feel the effects. What better way to do this than to schedule a session of hot, sexy activities filled with explosive moves to keep the adrenaline going and boost the metabolism in the meantime. You don’t have to be in the physical presence of someone to enjoy sex. You can get your heart rate up by indulging in other unique and distant ways. You could consider gaining access to free, enjoyable sex talk sessions online with a sexy partner. You sure would not forget that experience. It is just something to think about.

Eat More Nuts

Almonds and pistachios are rich in protein, a smart substitute for eggs and red meat. Studies done by a group of research specialists directed by Dr. Michelle Wein proved that almonds can help you lose weight. Because it is so dense in nutrients and consists of monounsaturated fat, fiber, and protein, it fills you up very quickly, suppressing your cravings and diminishing your hunger pangs.

Almond is a fibrous food item that can successfully inhibit calories and fats from being absorbed by the body. The fiber from the almond binds the fat, therefore, stopping it from getting to the intestinal wall and rather flushing it out of the body.


In recap, if you really want to lose weight the smart way, it is best to remain physically active, whether by exercising at the gym or walking instead of driving. Maintain a healthy thyroid to see the positive results of your physical activities. Eat nuts rich in protein and fiber so that you can feel full and not crave unhealthy foods.

Replace one meal with a glass of green juice. It will help to detox your body and add essential nutrients. These simple things, done consistently, can enhance your weight loss goal and help to get you to your desired weight. If you need more information about weight loss, the Internet has a whole lot of details at your disposal.