Tips for Moving Products With Unusual Shapes

No matter the size, boxing up unusually shaped items for shipping means that you are transporting a lot of dead space.

Depending on the fragility of the item to be moved, you may need to fill the void with packing materials. You may also need to consider using a wooden crate to avoid crushing.

How to Pack Awkward Items – the General Process

A very large awkward item will need to be measured first. Once you know the base dimensions, the full height, and the widest circumference, you will need to know the weight.

According to Hale Trailer, if you are moving something so heavy it needs to be moved with a forklift, you may need to consider flatbed trailers for rent.

Be aware that getting this organized may take quite a bit of time and that laws vary by state. Renting a flatbed may indeed be the best option, but make sure you have an approved driver.

Very large and heavy items may need to be set on a pallet platform, then have the box built over them and finally strapped closed before it is loaded on the trailer.

How to make custom size boxes

It is easier to cut down a larger box than it is to build a bigger one. If you have an awkward or oddly sized item that can be nested into a much larger box, consider cutting down the bigger box.

Make sure that you have flaps remaining that are large enough to completely cover the top. Take care to fully nest the item in the right bubble wrap or similar protective cushioning.

Take care to always tape cushion to cushion. Tape, particularly strapping tape, can leave residue on the glass, mirrored surfaces, and may pull the finish off of wood.

For those moving houses, make sure you use all your linens and extra bedding in this process. For example, if you are moving a glass tabletop, wrapping it in a sheet before you wrap and tape it in bubble wrap can protect the surface from tape residue and damage.

If you are moving your business and have a product to transport, you may price the trailer and decide it is time to own one!

If you must buy cardboard, try to buy twice as much as you need to shield the item. You will want to have a double wrap all the way around so your folds and seams can be opposite each other in the box construction.

Weigh the item before you pack it and again once it is all wrapped up. Finally, take careful note of which side should be up and mark the box accordingly on all surfaces.

While it may not matter with a mirror, your television will not tolerate being laid face down.

Fragile things need to be fully wrapped before you seal the box. Extra cushioning will do no good if the item has room to bump around. It is often the chatter of the moving vehicle that does the most damage, so do your best to protect the item from being shocked.