Will Sherlund – Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

At the beginning of lockdown I decided that I really wanted to learn something new but wasn’t really sure exactly what. I decided after watching a brilliant video from language expert and polyglot Will Sherlund, that learning a new language was the thing for me. I started thinking about French at first but it was Spanish which I really wanted to speak, and so I began taking some classes online to learn. I began with some of the videos which you can find on the likes of YouTube and eventually I decided to actually pay for a tutor who would be able to help me out.

Because of this, I wanted to share with some of you exactly why I would recommend learning a new language.

Opening Pathways

Whilst this wasn’t exactly something which inspired me to start learning a new language, it was a fact which I have recently learned which has certainly vindicated my decision to learn a new language. Ultimately the fact is that learning to speak a new language is something which opens up an enormous amount of neural pathways in he brain. This helps to sharpen the brain and to enable you to focus higher and to learn faster. In learning the language you are actually increasing your ability to learn something new.

Unlocking the Door

Although I have only recently began to start speaking to people, there is something truly magical about conversing with someone in their own language. The best way that I can describe this is to say that learning a language is like getting your hands on a key which can then be used to unlock culture. If you wish to unlock that culture then this is the absolute best way to do exactly that.


For me there has been a real excitement about learning and embracing a new language. The idea that there are people there who say the same things in a totally different way is something which I just find so amazing and so unlocking the new language is being able to speak the same as others. There is an excitement not so much in the learning of a new language, but in that moment where something makes sense to you.

Easy Goals to Manage

When you learn a new language, unlike when you learn other subjects, there is a clear moment which means that you have reached a goal. For example when you learn a new set of words and they stay in your head, or when you fully understand a grammar rule which you may have been struggling with. These are the things which you don’t always get from learning something new, that moment of grasping a particular subject or piece of information. With language learning there are far clearer indicators which help you to say motivated and inspired to continue your learning adventure.

These are just some of the reasons why I love learning a new language, and why I think that you will too.