William Sherlund – Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

Whilst it may be something of a controversial subject there is no doubt about the fact that taking your kids to practice martial arts is a good idea. I watched a debate on this last month with the brilliant William Sherlund, who was defending a parent’s right to take their child to a martial arts class. The reality of this is that this is a great idea for kids and there is so much that it will teach them. People worry because of the fact that martial arts is about fighting, but the reality is in fact very different and here are just some of the benefits that kids can enjoy from taking these kinds of classes.

Teaches Discipline

Many refer to the fact that martial arts involves fighting but the reality is that in the large majority of cases, you are being taught to defend yourself. Not only this but these classes teach how to make sure that you do not get into any kind of altercation in the first place. Above all, martial arts teaches discipline. It teaches students the importance of training and the importance of living up to a certain set of standards, which is critical for young boys and girls to learn as it will stand them in good stead for the future. If this is something you want for kids, all you need to do is search “bjj for kids near me” to find a local instructor. It’s one of the best things you can do for your children, and it will benefit them in a variety of ways you wouldn’t even think of.

Teaches Respect

When practicing martial arts it is essential that you have respect for your teacher, and respect for those with whom you are training. This again is a vital life skill which kids need to learn, and they will get that in the dojo during their training. We must teach kids respect in all different ways and martial arts is certainly something which will give them some of this.

Teaches Importance of Health

Any sport will teach kids about the importance of looking after their physical health, and martial arts is no different. We have to make sure that kids are learning the importance of exercise and what it does to the body, as well as how essential it is that they eat and live well. Regular martial arts classes are the best idea for kids in terms of learning about the importance of physical health.

Teaches Defense

Whether we like it or not, the world can be a scary place and it is essential that we teach our kids how to defend themselves. Remember that there is no martial art on the planet for kids which teaches attack, they are designed to teach kids first how to avoid a problem and secondly how to look after themselves if they do happen to find themselves in a problematic situation. We have to make sure that our kids are equipped with the tools to look after themselves in the future should something occur, and this is exactly what martial arts is designed to do.

As long as your kids understand what this kind of class is about, they will take an enormous amount from it.