7 Reasons Why You Should Install Screen Door with Magnets

Have you ever found yourself needing to leave the door open for fresh air but afraid of dust and bugs? This scenario happens primarily during summer when you want good weather. What you need is a screen door. These magnetic doors have proven to be worth it when it comes to enabling in letting fresh air in and keeping the unwanted things out. Here are the reasons why you should install these doors.

1. Easy to install

Screen doors with magnets are easy to install for a home improvement as essential as it is. These types of doors, like the magnetic mesh screen door, take three easy steps to get on the door. You will first spread the mesh on a flat surface or ground, then align the magnets located in the middle. You will then wipe the door frame using a damp cloth to get rid of dust. Then leave it to dry before sticking the adhesive magnetic door on the frame.

2. Convenient

These doors are convenient if you have pets, children, or a physically challenged family member. The door doesn’t require opening and closing, and you can use it hands-free as it opens and closes behind you. The ability to operate it hands-free comes in handy for children or pets that struggle with conventional doors.

3. Protective

Another reason to install these doors is protection. The door protects your house from insects and pests that fly from outside. This always allows natural light to enter the room but keeps UV rays. Unlike the other doors, this one closes immediately after you. The advantage of this protection is keeping your family free from insect-communicated infections.

4. Durable

In summer, you can put this door up. But when you finish using it, you will remove this retractable door, and you will then keep it in its bag. The door’s durability will enable you to use it repeatedly as long as you keep it well. For maintenance, you can wash the four with water and non-corrosive detergent.

5. Efficient

These doors enhance ventilation in a house which helps you with reducing energy. The doors have tinny files where air passes through. Without proper ventilation, you will need to incur the cost of using an air conditioner. But with these magnetic doors, you won’t need that, and you will have fresh air coming from outside.

6. Versatile

A magnetic door comes fitting any standard door frame, which means that you can move to any door of the house without needing modification. The temporary nature of the door also means that you can use it in houses where owners prohibit adding a permanent screen door.

7. Wide variety

These doors come in different varieties, and some, like magnetic mesh screen doors, come in various patterns and colors. When you buy yours, you will choose the type that fits your personality and matches your home décor. You can never miss one that’s will appeal to you. If you are looking for stylish doors that are easy to install, then these screen doors with magnets are your answer. You will experience the reasons you have read here and hassle-free.