3 Things You Can Do With Empty Vape Cartridges

After pharmacist Hon Lik invented e-cigarettes in 2003, they have become a key alternative for traditional cigarettes. Modern vapes have convenient cartridges that make usage easy. You can try different flavors and figure out what you like without wasting materials.

Empty vape cartridges can pile up in bags or shelves, forming an extensive collection. But, what do you do when you don’t want a collection of empty vape cartridges? Keep reading, and we’ll teach you three different things you can do with your empty vape cartridges.

1. Make Sure They’re Empty

The last thing you want to do is waste any liquid in the vape cartridge. Your first step should always be checking the empty cart. So, when is vape cartridge empty?

First, look at the viewing window. The transparent window will show you how much oil is in it. When this window turns orange or the oil smell is smoky, your cartridge is almost empty.

We also recommend knowing what the expiration date for your cartridge is. This is even more important when you don’t vape often. An expired vape cartridge won’t have the same effect as one that is not expired.

2. Reuse the Vape Cartridge

One of the great things about modern vape cartridge creators is that they are reusable! With a push towards sustainability, creating reusable cartridges is slowly becoming an industry staple.

First, you need to remove the mouthpiece by twisting the cartridge off the pen. If the vape cartridge will not come off the pen, it is not a reusable cartridge. Place the mouthpiece in a safe spot.

Then, fill the vape cartridge with your favorite oil using an eyedropper or syringe. You should fill it up to the max fill line. This is usually about 0.5-1 gram of oil.

Finally, you gently screw the mouthpiece onto the cartridge. It should be snug, but not super tight so it doesn’t break.

3. Work with Sanitation Departments

There is currently no way to recycle a vape cartridge. Vape cartridges are hazardous waste because of the chemicals in the cartridge. But, you can still responsibly dispose of your empty vape cartridge.

You need to clean empty vape cartridges. You should rise the cartridges until nicotine particles are gone. When the cartridge is clean, place the cartridge cap back on and place it in a plastic waste bin.

We also recommend contacting your local sanitation department. Flavored nicotine cartridges can be hazardous to people’s health if not disposed of properly. Your local sanitation department can collect empty vape cartridges and dispose of them properly.

Vaping and e-cigarettes will always be better for the environment compared to traditional cigarettes. If you are purchasing your cartridges from a vape store, see if they have an exchange program. Some stores will have free refills, or give you a discount when you give them the old cartridge.

Dispose of Empty Vape Cartridges Safely Today!

Empty vape cartridges are easy to dispose of. After making sure they’re empty, you can clean or refill them. You can even work with your local sanitation department to throw out empty vape cartridges without damaging the environment.

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