A Quick Look at Apria Healthcare Reviews

Apria Healthcare is an established leader in home healthcare equipment and services. With over 30,000 employees and 400+ locations nationwide, Apria Healthcare provides high-touch service to patients who require respiratory therapy, sleep apnea treatment, and wound management (among other services).

The revenue for this company was $2 billion as of the fiscal year ending in May of 2021.

Apria Healthcare Reviews

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Apria Healthcare has a good reputation for its dedication to patients, excellent customer service, and compliance with regulations. Customers report that the company is very responsive when they need assistance. There are many positive reviews about the company on third-party websites.

We found few industry analyst reports that touched on Apria Healthcare’s business or financial performance. However, the report from Barrington Research stated, “Apria Healthcare is a leading provider of home health care equipment and related services across the USA, offering a comprehensive range of equipment and services for in-home care and delivery of respiratory therapy, obstructive sleep apnea treatment, and negative pressure wound management.”

Apria Healthcare does not offer stock to the public; ownership is divided among three large private equity firms: Blackstone Group, CCMP Capital Advisors, and First Reserve Corporation. They acquired Apria in a leveraged buyout in 2007 for $5.6 billion and still own it today.

One of the three firms, First Reserve Corporation, cites “industry-leading service” as one of Apria Healthcare’s key competitive strengths. However, First Reserve also noted that healthcare reform has been slow to affect its business, as it provides services that tend to be outside of ACA requirements.

A few customer reviews on third-party sites expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of Apria’s products and service. For example, one review said, “They have awful technicians who do not call you back, and they will not replace/repair equipment unless it is within warranty.” Another said, “They sent me a machine that was previously opened and damaged (the tubing).” And another: “It’s difficult to get someone on the phone, and I don’t feel like they value my business at all.”

Apria Healthcare has several thousand reviews on third-party sites such as Consumer Affairs and Yelp. More than half of these reviews are positive (4+ stars out of 5), with many customers praising the excellent customer service they received. However, at the same time, some did express negative opinions about Apria Healthcare’s billing department.

A sampling of the positive reviews can be read below:

“They have been wonderful to work with, and we would recommend them to anyone.”

“They were so helpful and made the transition easy. I am so happy I called them!”

“I always ask for their services because they know how to take care of my mom better than any other company.”

Apria Healthcare is one of the largest providers of respiratory equipment, CPAP/BiPAP machines, and negative pressure wound therapy and supplies in the US. It also offers home oxygen, sleep apnea treatment options (including CPAP/BiPAP machines), enteral feeding supplies and services, bariatric supplies, and mobility equipment. In addition, the company provides home health services, including durable medical equipment (DME) delivery and training for respiratory therapists and sleep technicians to assist patients with their therapy needs.