Rose Burillo – Importance of Planning For Post-Pandemic

There are 2 things to remember at the end of this chaotic year, the first is that simply because the calendar says that the year has changed, it doesn’t mean that the situation has. The second thing to remember is that this is all going to be over at some point, and that means we have to start planning for a life beyond all of this madness. This is something which I want to get stuck into today, the importance of planning for how you will live following the pandemic. We have a vaccine in place and in a few months everyone will be covered, and here is why you need to use his time to get a plan in place.

Forgetting Emotions

Something which so many of us are guilty of, and it is perfectly understandable, is forgetting emotions which we should use to propel us forward. For example after the death of a person who we deem as being ‘too young’ there is always a commitment to trying to squeeze the most out of life following this harsh lesson. The reality is however that after a short while, we forget these emotions and we often go back to the way that we have always done things. The same thing is in danger of happening post-lockdown, after we have promised ourselves to maximize the enjoyment of our freedom. This is why we have to take steps now such as writing down feelings or making plans, in order to truly enjoy things when we can get out again.

Making Plans

At the moment it looks as though we will have lockdown-like conditions for the next couple of months at least, so let’s start looking at this as a positive rather than a negative. If you have designs to travel or to create a new business once this is over then now is the opportune time to make that a reality. Nothing happens overnight and so you should use this time to prepare and plan to lay foundations down for your ideas. his is an opportunity which you are unlikely to ever get again, so let’s make the very best of it and begin to prepare for a life after lockdown.

Keeping The Faith

Life coach Rose Burillo often speaks on her videos about just how essential it is for our mental wellbeing that we have something to look forward to and that our minds are always on looking ahead, rather than dwelling on the past or the present situation, and she’s absolutely right. Working towards something is the ultimate way to keep yourself positive and to feel useful, two massively important aspects of achieving great mental wellbeing.

Ultimately this is the time for us to focus on where we have been, and use those feelings and emotions, especially the frustrations, on relaunching ourselves once all of this is over. We seem to have gone through the worst of this now which is why it is time for us to plan our attack for when we get the green light to live again.