Adam Seger – Why The Premier League Needs To Watch Out For Manchester City

I remember listening to football analyst Adam Seger at the beginning of this Premier League season and he was discussing how he thought that Manchester City would fight back with a vengeance following how Liverpool dismantled them last season and took their trophy from them. I have to be honest, Adam was talking a great deal of sense, and so it came as quite the surprise when Manchester City began terribly, falling down the table to 15th and having lost twice already, both times to teams they should have destroyed.

The talk has all of a sudden become about Tottenham and Leicester when we discuss the title but here is why nobody should be counting Manchester City out.

Guardiola Knows

Pep has a completely different demeanor this year, at first it looked as though the crown had slipped and that was why he was acting differently but the more I watch him the more I realize that he truly knows what he is doing and he knows just what that team is capable of. I worry more abut a Pep team when he is like this and I’d go as far to say that he likes being the team at the back, just waiting on the assault.

Game in Hand

Manchester City have a game in hand which they should have played at the start of the season and it is against Aston Villa. Now whilst Aston Villa are certainly going pretty well, you would expect City to win that tie. If this happens then City, based on current rankings, would go into 3rd spot, 6 points behind Liverpool and they still have to play them once which could potentially cut the gap to 3 points only.

Kevin de Bruyne

KDB is absolutely in the form of his life right now and whits City may not have been faring too well in recent games, he has been an absolute breath of fresh air. The things that KDB can do are incredible and as long as the likes of Silva, Mahrez and Sterling keep making that space for him, he will continue to do the same spectacular work. He will be the difference for City this year, because he does things that nobody thinks are possible.

John Stones and Aguero

John Stones has forced his way back into the team based on his application and is desire and to be honest, he looks a new man. Stones could very well lead this City team to the top of the table. On the topic of players coming back into the side, so too is Sergio Aguero who despite his age is still absolutely lethal in front of goal and he will be able to score the goals which this side are currently lacking.

This is not to say that City will win the title of course, but everyone should be running scared and not counting them out just yet.