Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s very own advertising service which is used by millions of businesses, big and small, worldwide. Google Ads provides the opportunity for you to gain the online exposure that your business needs and help you connect with your target audience.

Many business owners take care of Google Ads on their own, but there are a lot of potential mistakes that may block your path to online success, and these mistakes can be costly. As a premium Google Ads agency in Sydney, the team at Esteem Media are well aware of the common mistakes that happen when it comes to Google Ads. A few mistakes which should be avoided include:

Not Using The Space You Have Wisely

When it comes to Google Ads, you are given very limited space to write your desired text. The copy you use should be attention-grabbing, informative and to the point. Do not forget to include a call-to-action, which prompts the viewer to perform the desired action. Don’t waste space! Every word counts!

Overlooking Audience Targeting Options

Google ads can be quite deceiving in that when you build a target audience based on certain demographics. This does not mean that your ads will only be served to this target audience. Your ad will be served to all groups and allow you to observe your target audience unless you make use of Google’s specific audience targeting options. By making use of this feature, you’ll be able to ensure that your ads are only pooping up for your desired audience.

Sending Traffic to Wrong Landing Pages

Don’t all clicks on Google Ads take users to your homepage on your website? No, not quite. That is where landing pages come in. Certain Google ads can be quite specific, and the page that is linked to an advert should be relevant to what is being advertised. Landing pages are specially designed to be the ‘next step’ in the Google Ads sale funnel. So it is best that you review your current links and ensure that they all make sense and are the best for making the sale and providing more relevant information to the potential customer.

Forgetting About Negative Keywords

What search results do you not want your Google ads to appear in. Many new Google Ads users do not even pay attention to negative keywords, but filling them in could make a major difference to your overall campaign.

Only Using Google Ads and Expecting Amazing Results

Google Ads results can be truly impressive, but they work best when used in conjunction with other forms of digital marketing. In addition, you cannot expect to have good ROI and make sales if your website is not up to scratch. A badly executed website will turn any potential buyer away, so ensure that your website looks great and you’ve made use of sound SEO practices if you want to make the most out of your Google Ads efforts.

Using the Default Network Options

If you are not 100% sure what you are doing when it comes to Google Ads, it could seem easier to stay with the default options, but the default is not always best, especially when it comes to the network options. The default is usually a combination of display network ads and search network ads, but display ads usually perform significantly lower than search network ads. So keep this in mind when choosing your network options!

Not Going to an Adwords Agency When You Need Help

If you don’t have the time or desire that is needed to learn about how Google Ads work so that you can operate the service most effectively, you may want to save yourself the stress and hand over the reins to a professional Adwords agency in Sydney. Adwords specialists will ensure that your Adword campaigns hit the nail on the head, appeal to the right target audience, and bring you the sales and results that you are looking for.

Are you looking for an Adwords agency in Sydney? Esteem Media offers premium Google Ads and PPC management services in Sydney, as well as a wide range of other digital marketing solutions. Get in touch with us today on 978-610-6782 to learn more about our Adwords Agency in Sydney.