Brief History of Advertising and Marketing 

I will start off with a confession about the title of this article, it will not be myself who is giving tis brief history of advertising and marketing, sadly. What I do have however is a fantastic video which has been produced by the magical team at German ad agency Scholz & Friends, who uploaded this brilliant synopsis of marketing and advertising and shared it all for us to see on Twitter. 

What is very difficult with this type of subject is that you run the risk of two potential outcomes, the first is that you run the risk of glossing over a good 50 years of history and the second is that you try too hard to break down everything that went on, which of course will eventually bore the viewer. 

Clocking in at just over 3 minutes however this video sits perfectly between the mundane and the overlooked, and hits that sweet spot which leaves you with more knowledge than you came with and plenty of time on your hands. 

There is so much to enjoy about the video from handy graphics to a tongue-in-cheek approach, which perfectly lends itself to an easy watch and an accessible one for anyone who wishes to know more about marketing and its history. I’d say that the video is the perfect jumping off point for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the world of marketing.