Complete Guide to Using Wooden Wicks in Candle Making

Wooden wick candles are not only gorgeous, but they are also luxurious. The good news is, you can hone your inner craftsmanship and learn how to make them in the comfort of your home. Candles that are made from wooden wicks burn like normal candles, but they produce a lovely crackling sound and beautiful fragrance when they are burning. Additionally, the wicks are made from very thin pieces of wood, and they are usually about one inch wide and come in many different lengths. There are several key benefits to using wooden wicks for candle making.

They produce a clean burn

They produce minimal soot and debris build-up. All you have to do is trim off the charred wood and your flame will shine brighter and cleaner.

They are Long-lasting

They burn slower than candles made with other materials like cotton.

They crackle

They produce a very distinct cracking sound when burning. They also add a more appealing and calmer ambiance compared to their cotton counterparts.


In order to make this candle, you will need a wooden wick, glue dots, Kerasoy 4130 wax, a cube or round glass container, fragrance oil, and dye.

Steps to make this candle type

Step 1: Melt the wax

You need to measure your wax and put it in a large metal jug container. Then, you should put the container on medium heat until the wax melts.

Step 2: Add dye and fragrance to wax

While ensuring that your wax is at 65°C, add the dye into the wax and stir the mixture until the dye has dissolved into the wax. Next, add the fragrance oil that you want. Keep stirring gently until it completely mixes with the wax.

Step 3: Stick the wick into the glass container

First, mark the inside base of your glass container with a pen while ensuring that the mark is as central as possible. Next, gauge how long you want your wick to be, then trim it to size. It should stick out of the wax by at least half an inch. Then, hot glue it to the base of your glass container where you drew your marker.

Step 4: Pour the wax

Slowly start pouring your fragranced wax into your container to avoid producing many air bubbles. Only pour halfway up, because you will need to leave extra room at the top to fill up the sink holes with the leftover wax.

Step 5: Top up the wax

Wait for half an hour, then start filling the container with the remaining wax. This will make the top appear smooth and clear of any sinkholes or air pockets. Then, allow it to set for around 24 hours before you start burning or gifting them.

Step 6: Enjoy

You can now enjoy your gorgeous candle that produces a lovely crackling sound as it burns.


In conclusion, not only are these candles easy to make at home, but they are also eco-friendly, have a modern aesthetic, are long-lasting, have a clean burn, and crackle, and produce more fragrance than their cotton wick counterparts.