How to Buy an Ottoman

Ottomans are attractive pieces of furniture that instantly enhance the look of any room. They aren’t just visually appealing; they’re also versatile pieces that add another level of functionality to the space. You can find short ones, tall ones, wide ones, skinny ones, and long ottomans to fit in any design. Let’s look at some of the characteristics to keep in mind as you browse through your options.

These pieces come in a few different shapes, with each having its own benefits. A round Ottoman can be a wonderful visual contrast if you have a living room full of straight lines and sharp angles. Square ottomans work with any sofa shape or size. Much like their rectangular counterparts, they can also take the place of your coffee table. You can line two square ottomans up side by side and create a long table when you need one, then separate them when using them as footstools.

The sturdier ones work great in living rooms as end tables. You can place a lamp on top and still have surface space for remote control or magazine to leaf through during commercials. It is the perfect piece for a sectional sofa also. A round ottoman gives everyone equal access to place their feet up while conversing or streaming a movie.

If you don’t already have one in your bedroom, you should add an ottoman to your decor. They can come in handy as storage pieces for your belongings. Search online for ottomans bedroom, and you’ll come up with a wide variety of choices. A bench-style Ottoman looks great at the foot of your bed, and it can hold your shoes and purses. And just like they can be used as end tables in the living room, you can use them as bedside tables in the bedroom. In a walk-in closet, the ottoman gives you a place to sit and finish dressing for your day. 

Your child’s room can also use an ottoman as a toy chest. It can also hold crayons, glue, colored markers, and other tools used for arts and crafts. Your kids will have easy access to these items while keeping them organized and in one place.

There are different materials to choose from as well; just be sure to pick one that suits your lifestyle. In your child’s room, you may want to choose a darker color if you decide to go with a fabric option. That will hide any spills or marks that accidentally ended up on the ottoman. You can also go with a leather or microfiber ottoman since they don’t require much effort to clean. This rule applies to high-traffic areas like the family or living room.

For ottomans going in low-traffic areas, a lighter color will brighten up the room. You may even decide to go with a print or pattern that complements the space. 

Choosing an ottoman doesn’t have to be complicated once you know exactly what you’re looking for and how you’ll use it.