Conclusive Proof: Facebook is Mainstream 

Much like with music, film and even some websites online, there is only a certain level of mainstream which something can become before it loses that cool edge. Facebook is an example of a social media site which has been really trying to play both sides against the middle when it comes to this level of mainstream, and I have recently realized that the game is up, the cool points you used to get for being on Facebook are disappearing, and this site which has been growing in popularity at an alarming speed has now breached, it has used up just as much cool capacity as possible but the truth is that such is the growth of the site that  no longer can it be considered cool, edgy, cult, or any other words of that ilk which you may like to throw at it, the site is now fully fledged mainstream, and I have compelling evidence to back up why.

Slight Difference 

I used the example of music and film earlier, to allude to the coolness which Facebook once had, although with the social media site there is a great difference between entertainment and what is happening here, and the key difference is the fact that we, I include what my close friends have said to me about the social media site, will not ditch Facebook on the basis that it has sold out, or that it has become uncool. It may alter how we use it of course, but there is no way that we are going to just ditch it and run off to find the next new thing, admittedly we’ll still have our eyes peeled for that next new thing, just not to the detriment of Facebook. 

The Knife in My Cool Heart 

As a geek, I like to think of myself as a cool one, someone with their finger on the pulse, someone who frequents cool spots online, and perhaps even someone who you guys consider to have an air of coolness about them, perhaps. All of this however was shot down in flames last week, when I received a friend request on my cool Facebook page. Excited as I always am when I get a friend request, I clicked to see who it was that was soliciting my time and access to my inner Facebook circle, only to be devastated to learn that it was in fact my mother and father, who have a shared account no less. 

What was particularly damaging to me was not just that my parents had found me on the site and that they had asked to be my friend, but that they had done this on their own, without any assistance or guidance from anyone cooler. This means therefore that Facebook has well and truly entered the mainstream and once you get the golden oldies figuring it out, there is no going back for Zuckerberg and co.