Rose Burillo – Why The Taco Stand Rocks

Here in the USA we have a wide number of food trucks and tacos stands but the reality is that down in Mexico this is completely different. Each time I head down to Mexico City to see my friend the first thing which we do is to head out and grab ourselves some tacos, and I always love to make sure that we eat them at the stand rather than getting them to go. There are so many reasons why I just adore this way of eating and here is why if you are in Mexico, I would wholeheartedly recommend that the first thing you do is to hit the street and get some tacos.


What I love about eating at the taco stand is that it is rough and ready, and a communal way of enjoying food. Even if you are with someone you often find that you end up having a chat with someone else who is enjoying their meal, or perhaps even the person who is cooking the tacos. There is something about this which really brings togetherness.

Range of People

Something which my friend Rose Burillo pointed out, which I concur with absolutely, is that there is always a diverse range of people who are eating at the taco stand. Because of the fact that tacos are so cheap, it would be easy to think that just working class people would be eating here but there is a range of people incredibly diverse and on any given day you will see families, council workers and businesswomen all standing around the taco stall enjoying some delicious food.

They Are Everywhere

Everyone will have their favorite place to go of course, but there really are taco stands on every corner of Mexico City, and I know that there are many small towns which are exactly the same. Tacos can be used as a snack or as a main meal and that is why you have them in so many places, because everyone loves a taco!

Cheap Cheap

The cost of tacos is absolutely incredible and cheaper than you would believe. For just a couple of dollars you can get yourself a delicious selection of tacos which are going to fill you up and put a smile on your face. Even though people told me how cheap it was, I was still stunned when I actually arrived to see those low prices.

A quick tip for anyone who is going to use the taco stand, make sure that you choose one which looks popular. There are some stands which do not look after the meat well or which just don’t taste that good. The best indicator as to whether or not you should eat at a taco stand is whether or not there are others who have decided to eat at the taco stand too, if they have, then get yourself in there and enjoy the food. Always remember, tacos are life!