Dear Marketers, Stop Creating Replicas Of Your Shops In SecondLife

I fear ladies and gentlemen that I may have created something of a monster, I have not acted alone in this, but the consequences now are just getting out of hand.

I am of course alluding to the fact that marketers are obsessed with Second Life and that they are also completely replicating their shops and their businesses on the alternate reality game, and this shit has got to stop, now!


I have written chapter and verse on this very site about the ingenuity of companies like Text100 and Adidas, even a presidential candidate, who have used Second Life to do some truly magical things, in the case of Text100 they not only bought an island on the game but created a promo vid which was shot entirely with Second Life characters and design. It is clear that many have been inspired by this in recent months, and good on them for getting that memo.

Missed The Point 

The notion using the game for promo stuff was the only memo which these idiots got because all they are doing now is showing a monstrous lack of design, creativity and well, aptitude. All these people are doing is recreating their own business, only in animated form, how long did it take to come up with that!!!!

This is a world where anything can be created and designed, and the best which you could come up with was what you already have?!?! This is maddening on all fronts, it needs to stop now, give your design team the license to go crazy or a kick up the butt, whichever will make this mundane trash stop, alright, I feel better now.