Diamond Environmental Services – The Importance of Portable Toilets

Environmental companies such as Diamond Environmental Services have been getting a lot of coverage in the last 12 months following the pandemic, but there is much more that we should know about these companies. One of the most important services which these companies are able to offer to clients is not just the sanitation and the cleaning which they do, but rather the portable toilets which they provide. These companies are responsible for so many situations around the world and without them, things would look very different indeed.

Events and Festivals

When people put on events and music festivals, they are not allowed to do so if they have not provided sufficient bathroom facilities for such a large number of people. Given that so many of these events take place outdoors, there is no option to build toilets, at least not on such a large scale, for this volume of people. The perfect solution therefore is that you would consult an environmental company and have them come in and provide portable toilets for you and the guests.

Construction Sites

Another common area where we see these toilets placed is on construction sites. Under employment law you have to make sure that your employees have bathroom facilities which they can use. Now of course on most construction sites there are no public restrooms, and any other bathrooms are still under construction. This is why there you will find portable toilets on just about every construction site in the country, an absolutely essential aspect of construction.


One area of life which you may not have considered is outdoor weddings. There are some situations of course where outdoor weddings have access to the inside, for people to use the bathroom. In most cases however these weddings take place in the middle of nowhere and they have to ensure that their guests have somewhere to go to the bathroom. These often require a slightly higher quality kind of portable toilet, which environmental services are also able to provide for their clients.

Emergency Situations

Because of the way that the law is around people having a human right to have access to bathrooms, we do sometimes see that there are emergency situations which call for portable toilets. For example if there is a huge plumbing issue in a building or an office then they will usually get straight on the phone to an environmental services company and seek to secure some portable toilets so that they can offer them to the employees. If they are not able to do this then they have to send their employees home as they are not able to provide for them.

These companies deliver the toilets, they make sure that they are maintained and emptied and they will then come and take them away once they are no longer needed. As you can see, there are many important areas of the world which require this kind of specialized serviced.