How To Modify Your Jeep for an Adventurous Lifestyle

Jeeps are synonymous with adventure. They are exceedingly tough and durable vehicles that can handle smooth roads as well as rugged off-road terrains of all kinds. For many drivers, the rougher the terrain, the better they like it. There are many styles of Jeep and there are also many ways to modify a Jeep so that is up for the same adventurous lifestyle that its driver is. 

Lift Kits for All Terrain

The biggest benefit of a lift kit is that it offers the Jeep more ground clearance when traversing uneven environments. The average Jeep lift kit will raise a Jeep between one and three inches. Though there certainly are kits and modifications that can add height, you would also have to apply other modifications to the vehicle to provide the necessary suspension and stability. 

33-inch all-terrain tires will do wonders for helping a Jeep get around uneven terrain and are frequently recommended by off-road enthusiasts to casual drivers who want an off-road look without sacrificing too much performance on the pavement. Because they’re narrower than 35-inch tires, the 33-inch tires can get stuck more easily on rugged trails. However, they do give the driver some traction when confronted by most weather conditions, including light snow. 

Winch for Emergencies

Winches are essential for serious off-roaders. They allow you to move an inoperable vehicle back into a position where it can be serviced or towed. They also allow you to approach a scenario with the option to rely on the winch to get past a certain part of the landscape, like a steep upgrade or deep, running water. 

Experienced off-roaders know that there is a huge difference between employing a couple of ropes for emergencies and using a proper winch system. The synthetic, aluminum or steel lines of a winch are much less likely to snap under duress than a rope because they are rated to handle more weight. The motor of the winch also provides the appropriate level of torque to tow in a slow, consistent manner that greatly improves operator control. 

Grip Handles for Safety

Safety is a priority for all serious off-roaders, which is why they usually invest in the best seatbelts and harnesses. Grip handles are another simple means to maintain stability in dicey situations and are also perfect for getting in and out of a Jeep that’s been lifted and requires a big step. There’s also a psychological component to the grip handle, too, as some Jeep enthusiasts maintain: by allowing your hand to release tension while you’re stabilizing, you’re more apt to remain calm, even if you’re hugely uncomfortable at the Jeep’s angle of incline.

When you’re considering Jeep modifications with an eye toward driving into the exciting wilderness, it’s important to research the elements that will help the vehicle perform at maximum efficiency while under duress. Are those tires big enough? Is your winch properly installed? Does the lift kit give you enough ground clearance? Whether you’re looking for parts for Jeep Wrangler, a Renegade or a Compass, the sky is the limit for applying modifications that will enhance your experience. Visit an auto parts store today to see the inventory of available stock and aftermarket Jeep parts to get the most out of tomorrow’s adventures