Forrester Hires Leading Web Strategy Blogger

Forrester Research is one of the finest companies when it comes to working with bloggers and I have been continually impressed with them over the last couple of years. What is clear is that Forrester boats quite the team and although their workforce is actually quite small, it is very obvious to me that they have really packed it with talent. 

Further evidence of this can be seen today as they have just announced on Twitter, then followed the news up with a blog post, that they have added the fantastic and notable web strategist blogger Jeremiah Owyang to their growing team, a clear indication of how serious this company is taking the world of blogging. 

In recent years we have seen companies like Forrester and their rivals Jupiter find themselves in difficult positions given the rise of social media and blogging, which has essentially undermined their main value propositions which is access to the analysts who are able to provide communications and information. 

It is clear from this move that Forrester are looking to explore the value of blogging and allow their analysts to go in hard on blogging in order to switch up their philosophy and ultimately move with the times. 

Jeremiah is a great talent and this really looks like the perfect marriage, time will tell of course but I would say that this is a very shrewd move for Forrester and I also believe that Jeremiah will get a great amount of value out of this position as well.  

I am impressed by this move and what I am curious about is whether or not we will see companies like Jupiter make similar moves going forward, not only to keep up with their rivals but also to try their best to navigate the brave new world which they are living in with regards to their analysts. 

Going against the grain is not a successful business model and we have seen that time and time again in the last year alone. What do you guys make of this piece of recruitment from Forrester? Let me know what you think in the comments below, as always I’d love to hear from you. 

Finally I just want to take the time to wish Jeremiah all the luck in the world with his new position, I have no doubt that you will make this a roaring success.