Frank Andreoli Montreal – Why It Is Never Too Late To Hit The Road And Travel

For my dear friend Frank Andreoli Montreal has been the city where he has been for his entire life. In fact Frank often jokes that Vancouver is the farthest he’s been in Canada, and whilst he did live for a while in New York when he was younger, this city has been his home for the remainder of his life. Frank used to always tell me that he had dreamed of traveling when he was a kid but then life just got in the way. This is something which I know has happened to so many people down the years and it is something which sadly so many people come to regret.

Frank asked me a while back if I though that he was too old to travel, at the age of 54. I hate this question to be honest and I hate the idea that people of that age feel that there is an age limit on travel. This is not the case at all and no matter how old you are, this is exactly why you should go traveling.

Not Much Changes

If you were to ask people who travel what about it they loved the most, they would tell you something like seeing amazing places, meeting cool people from different backgrounds and discovering new cultures. There is absolutely nothing within that which suggests that there is an age limit on travel. The one thing which the older traveler may not have a plan to do is go out partying all night and staying in cheap accommodation, and that is not exactly something which the older traveler is likely to want to do anyway.

Health Benefits

It would be remiss of me not to mention the clear health benefits which you can expect when you go traveling, and this is something which has been researched and there is clear evidence of this. Not only are those who travel happier but they are also shown to live a longer life. On top of this there is the short term health benefits of traveling and that is the additional fitness which you will feel because of the fact that you are moving around more and getting involved in more adventurous activities.

Who Sets The Rules?

If I am being honest I have never heard someone say that anyone is too old to travel. The reality is that there are no rules and traveling is something which we can all love and which we should all be able to enjoy, no matter who it is or how old they are. Nobody gets to set the rules and anyone who pretends that this is their position to do so, well then they are obviously rather unhappy with their life and they clearly have no desire in being nice and kind to the rest of us. There are no rules, don’t what you want as long as nobody suffers as a result.