Getting Through The World Cup Sober: Our Tips

It’s Christmas in a few weeks, but for football fans around the world, it feels like the festive period has come that little bit earlier with the beginning of the World Cup. It’s often a time of celebration, meeting friends and enjoying a few social drinks in the pub, but at the same time it can be a period where many find it difficult to avoid alcohol. Which is far from ideal if you’re trying to remain sober.

Football and alcohol often go hand-in-hand, and quite often it can be a very toxic and problematic relationship, with the European Championship Final of 2021, in which England’s Wembley Stadium was awash with anti-social behaviour, being case and point. 

However, on an individual level, it can be a difficult time for those suffering from alcohol addiction who want to enjoy a World Cup with friends and family. Temptation can be rife. So how exactly can you resist such temptation?

Watch it somewhere dry

First and foremost, watch the game somewhere dry. You can potentially invite your friends and family around to your home and watch it without any alcohol in the house. You should make aware to your friends and family that will be the case, and they will undoubtedly support you if they are aware of your struggles with addiction. 

Develop a support network

If you do decide to go out to a venue that is serving alcohol or somewhere where it is available. Have a support network and people that can check up on you to ensure it isn’t too much for you.

While they may be engrossed in the game, you may not be, so make sure you have someone you can tap on the shoulder and reach out to in order to say you’re struggling and may have to leave.

Partake in other activities too

Fill the void of alcohol with something else. You could make it football related and enjoy some fun and games while the game is on, such as playing Subbuteo, cards, or even a FIFA tournament pre-match, during half time and then post game. It’s a great way to make the day more active, with concentration on the activities rather than food or drink.

Enjoy it Remotely

It may be that your friends and family live far and wide, which may mean rather than making the effort to all meet up, you watch the game remotely, and join in the festivities together online through the likes of Zoom.

This places you in your own comfortable environment and therefore you can engage with the match and your friends exactly how you want to, without the pressure or temptation of alcohol, just 90 minutes of football and those you love.