How To Protect Your Auto Exterior From The Summer Heat

The dog days of summer are here and are likely doing a number on your car’s exterior. Many automobile owners have lamented the damage done by the sun. Protect your paint job from the summer heat by following a few important steps.

Apply Covers

The easiest and best solution for summer sun and heat is to keep your car covered when parked. Of course, if you are fortunate to have garage parking or a well-covered carport, this is less of an issue. But if you have to street park or lot park your car at home or work, get that car a cover.

Budge covers come in a variety of sizes and options. Thanks to the elasticized hem they can be put on or removed quickly. They not only block those paint-damaging UV rays, but they also keep out the rain, dirt, and dust.

Use A Tonneau Cover To Protect Your Cargo

If you’re a pickup owner, you need to cover your cargo. Intense heat and UV rays can damage your tools and equipment. Protect your investment with Leer Tonneau cover parts. They are easy to install and come in sizes and styles specifically made for your vehicle.

Whenever possible, park in the shade. Even with car and cargo covers, parking in the shade offers another level of protection and keeps the temperatures lower in the interior.

Keep It Clean

Everyone knows they should clean their vehicle regularly but it’s neglected all too often. Summertime is the perfect time to get out there and wash your car. If you have any kids in the house or neighborhood, they may even like to help you and splash around with the hose. Follow these steps to get your car spic-and-span in no time.

  1. Wet the car down and knock off any big clumps of mud, dirt, etc.
  2. Using a sponge or rag, soap it up starting at the roof and working your way down.
  3. Use two buckets, one for soaping and one for rinsing out the sponge.
  4. Rinse it off quickly. Don’t give the soap time to dry. Use a hose, if possible.
  5. Dry your car with old towels. 
  6. Vacuum the interior.
  7. Clean the floor mats
  8. Wax the car and clean the wheels and windows.

Don’t leave off the last step. A good wax finish helps to protect your paint from the sun.

Tune It Up

In addition to protecting the exterior, summer is a good time to check out the engine and do a little tune-up. The warmer seasons tend to be road trip time and if you’re headed for the highway, make sure your ride is ready to go.

Consider installing a Flowmaster resonator. There’s nothing worse than an unpleasant exhaust sound when you’re on the road for hours and hours. A resonator will smooth it out and get rid of the annoying drone. Add it to the list of possible summer upgrades.

Get your vehicle ready for summer today. Find car covers and other parts at your favorite automotive store.