ODG: Original Design Gangsta

I just wanted to take the time here to give a huge shoutout to the original design gangster Kyle T Watkins who has put together this irresistible video to showcase exactly why he so good at what he does. On the face of it this looks like a brilliant graphic designer and illustrator who is trying to promote himself and show off what he can do, taking to YouTube in order to make it happen. There is however way more to this video than that, and so many companies could do very well in learning that.

The key to why this video is so good and a great example is that it is super low budget and it manages that thing which so many people miss out on, which is the ability to stick to the script and create a video which actually does what it says on the tin.

Kyle will have sat down and thought ‘I ain’t got money, but I’m excellent at what I do, I’ll do that, and hopefully people will like it’ simplicity in its purest form. Kyle not only smashed the video but he absolutely deserves the viral status which it has found. Ad companies the world over try to make viral videos but go so far down the ideas rabbit hole that they end up doing something which wildly misses the point.

Congratulations Kyle, you truly are the Original Design Gangsta! Yeah!

Book of the week recommendation which ties in with this vid is ‘A Smile in the Mind