Roger Wolfson – Where Your Writing Skills Could Take You

If you have a natural gift for writing then this is certainly something which you could spin into a great career for yourself. There are many angles which you could look at here and multiple career paths which are available to you. Some of the greats in the writing world take on multiple jobs roles, such as the brilliant Roger Wolfson, who is something of a Jack of all trades in the writing world. Others however can pick an individual area to work inside, and it all depends on where your writing strengths really lie. Let’s take a look at some of the career options which you could pick.


If you have a passion for breaking news and opinion pieces then being a journalist could be a great way to use your writing skills. Journalists do have to work exceptionally hard at what they do, even if they are only reporting on a local level. Beyond writing skills journalists should be great at building relationships and passionate about getting to the heart of the story.


Writing scripts is a tough gig but over time and with much practice you could really raise your game in this field. Most scriptwriters work in a team setting, in order to harvest the best ideas. If you have a desire to get into this field in particular then you should start practicing now, before you even apply for a course or a job role.


Politicians and important individuals rely on great speeches which have been written by their team, and this could be the ideal career choice for you. Beyond just being able to write, speechwriters need to have a great grasp of the English language so that they can use it to evoke emotions in those who are listening. A great speech giver is nothing without a well worded speech to deliver.


If long form writing is more your thing then writing your very own novel or book could be the perfect career goal for you. This will take a lot of hard work and research, an attention to detail and a real passion for writing to complete. They say that everyone has at least one book in them, and this could be your chance to get started and see how you get on.


There are many academics with a passion for writing who end up making a living from writing essays. These could be on just about any topic at all, and these require a lot of research before putting pen to paper. Essays are featured in all kinds of academic journals and they often reveal the work of the research which you have conducted. Essays are mid-length written pieces and if you get good at them, you could find that you get lots of features through the world of academia.

Which is the writing career which you would most like to get involved with?