ShiftSmart – Why Remote Working is Perfect For Parents

Once the pandemic hit so many of us were sent back home to work, where we had to stay. At that time there were a great number of people who simply couldn’t work, but also many who could still perform the job, albeit remotely. Now, as offices once again open back up and businesses get going, we are still seeing a huge interest in those looking to work remotely. As a result of this demand companies like ShiftSmart, who connect remote workers with employees, are seeing a serious increase in demand.

One particular category of people who are most interested in this way of working are parents. This makes perfect sense owing to the huge array of benefits which parents with young children can count on should they work in this way.


Parents with young children have to be flexible enough to be able to take their kids to and from school, pick them up if they are sick and take them to clubs on an evening, not to mention feeding them. There are many parents out there who rely on grandparents, yet if they work remotely they would no longer have to. Being out of the office shortly isn’t like what it would be in the actual office. This is because of the fact that you can still be online with your phone, even if you are on the move. Parents can get the flexibility which they need, and still perform the job.

Cost Saving

Not every parent is able to rely on grandparents and family members to help them out when they have kids. In such situations parents then have to pay for additional childcare with nannies or through after school and breakfast clubs. If however you were able to have this additional flexibility which remote working would give you, there is a much bigger chance that you will be able to fulfill those responsibilities. Through doing this you are going to be able to save a great deal of money on the care of your child.

Closer Relationships

Let’s be honest, none of us like to spend so much time away from our children, but we have to work to earn money which we can then use to spend on them. If however you no longer had that 2 hour commute everyday, and you could just get up and help your kids get ready without you doing the same, then you’ll be able to spend so much more time with them. This is essential for creating a stronger and healthier relationship with your child. The beauty is that not only will your relationship be stronger, but you will also be able to still do the job and get paid, the best of both worlds.

This is the ideal lifestyle choice for parents who wish to spend that extra time with their kids, have the flexibility which they need and actually save money too, there is no better option.