Social media marketing: Must have tools for influencers

Social media marketing, particularly influencer marketing, may seem like just a fun activity for a layman. It’s all about posting pictures and videos on Instagram or Facebook and talking with followers and earning money. However, in reality, it is not as ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ as it seems. 

Don’t believe us? 

Like traditional marketing, you need to plan strategically to engage the audience and create a strong social media presence in social media marketing. You have to provide regular and unique content as per the different social media platforms. In simple words, you have to tailor the content for various platforms that communicate the brand’s message. 

But, hang on! There’s more!

You must be aware of the fact that marketers use Mac for creating all the content. But, with technological advancement, they have to stay up to date with the latest tools, applications, and software that they can use to improve the content. After all, ‘quality content is the king’ of social media. Income Artist loves Twesocial you can try for getting tons of likes and followers for twitter.

So, if you are thinking about starting your influencer journey. You have to learn about tools that are essential for marketing. Curious to know what these tools are? Read on. 

Editing software 

Can you think of any social media influencer that uploads unedited pictures and videos? We can’t. And why is that? The logical reason behind this is that you can make a simple picture look more attractive by editing pictures and videos. It captivates a person to click on your profile and discover what you do. 

Not only this!

When you are marketing a brand, you have to brainstorm ideas to promote their product and services. By installing editing Softwares like Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Corel, etc., on your Mac, you can convert your ideas into reality. 

Besides, editing software also helps in making your social media accounts look aesthetically pleasing. 

Cleaning software 

You must be wondering- what does cleaning software have to do with social networking? Well, there is no direct relation between them. However, there is an indirect relationship between both. 

What’s that? 

Generally, you save all content (pictures and videos) on your Mac. Now imagine that you have to upload content, but your Mac keeps hanging because of lack of space. What a nightmare! 

To protect yourself from such circumstances, you must clean your device regularly. Clean the cache and old pictures and videos that you no longer need. 

Sometimes your Mac saves copies of your photographs that you don’t know about. With the help of Gemini 2, the duplicate finder, you can delete those pictures. After all, you need photos and not their duplicates. All this will help you create more space in your Mac so that nothing can hinder your work. 

Analytics tool

For every social media marketer, it is crucial to evaluate the growth of the page. And, for that, you need to use analytics tools. You can do that by using social media insights. It will provide you an overview of customer engagement, account reach, shares, and much more. 

Using this, you’ll be able to plan the content according to your audience. Cool, right? 


To be a social media influencer or marketer, you have to be well-equipped with the latest technology and social media trends. Without proper tools, it’ll be challenging to engage the customers and build a connection with them. 

As Kim Garst has said, ‘Successful social media marketing is not built on impression. It is built on relationships.’