Staying Healthy While Traveling

The harsh, cold winter is slowly fading away, giving way to the season of spring, one full of life and glamour. Fortunately, it is now safe to plan your travel list for this year, whether Easter, summer, or during the Thanksgiving holidays. Making travel plans, especially to foreign countries prone to diseases like Malaria and Cholera, calls for proper travel arrangements to ensure your health safety while traveling.

We will look at a few tips on ensuring you steer clear of health issues as you embark on your expedition.

Have A Look At Travel Advisories

It is almost inevitable that you might get unwell while traveling to foreign countries. Therefore, you must read through various travel advisories on websites for your planned destinations. Most countries, if not all, have travel information for their citizens and immigrants coming, whether as tourists or for business purposes. 

Though these websites may not furnish you with all the information you require, it’s a good start even as you look into other applicable measures to take.

Book A Doctors’ Appointment

After you have carefully scored through travel advisories for your country of destination, your next plan of action is heading straight to your physician. Here, the physician will guide you on the best vaccination according to your medical history and what other measures you need to observe. There are many ways of preventing Malaria, primarily through antimalarial pills, which your physician can prescribe for you. 

Buying over the counter without a prescription might pose some health risks. Why? You may not have the correct dosage information. Ensure you visit your physician early in advance; book your appointment as early as 30 days before departure.

Travel insurance

Despite having taken the first two measures before you begin your journey, be sure to contact your health insurance provider. Information on health insurance coverage while traveling is crucial. For example, it will determine whether you can access medical cover if you contract a tropical disease. It is good to note that different countries have different policies on access to medical cover for immigrants. 

Other than the information obtained from the travel advisory, it is the responsibility of your insurance provider to offer advice and keep you well informed. Read reviews of customers on various travel insurance companies and go for one with the most expertise in the travel industry.

Be Sure To Prevent Mosquito Bites

To win the battle against Malaria, you need to be geared with long-sleeved clothing, mosquito repellent cream, and warm clothing treated with permethrin spray. You can also obtain bug spray from local stores in your country of destination to avoid bulky luggage. 

Remember your Prescriptions

We all have our shortfalls in following up on medical prescriptions. You may need to put up your best fight to stay healthy during and after your travel. Antimalarial medication should be taken while traveling and after concluding your journey to prevent you from taking detours for medical purposes. 

Should you feel unwell upon getting back home, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you do not show any signs and symptoms of this deadly disease.

Leverage On All Other Measures To Add On Your Immunity

Whether first-time or repeat visitors, everyone must take all measures necessary to prevent contracting diseases. Yes, you may have been there before and had no issues, but that does not mean you are entirely off the hook.


All in all, traveling is fun, especially when you are in good shape. Otherwise, it will be another regretful journey. Fortunately for you, there is so much information on how to watch your health while traveling, such as;

  • watching what you eat
  • protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases 
  • not overdrinking or overeating
  • minding what you eat, especially if you have allergy issues
  • protecting your skin and taking a lot of water
  • visiting your physician and follow through with your prescriptions

Also, secure your travel insurance so that you are sure of a good backup plan even as you take precautions.