The Best Lucrative Second Jobs

Named the best and most lucrative second job, tutoring raises an individual’s earnings by close to $35,000 annually. Adzuna, a search engine for jobs, found that in every ten individuals in Britain, at least one has a second job to bolster their earnings and earn some extra money to use in events like the New Year or Christmas. While the job is a lucrative side hustle, it is not the only one that exists in the market that could turn things around for you. You could also make the same amount of money when you work as an assistant virtually in your free time and could also shoot up your earnings by over $25,000 when you get engaged with gigs on proofreading. A great example of a second job is essay writing, like

Here are the best side hustles:


1. Tutor – Avg. Earning of $35,000 annually, $15 per hour


The site propagated that the job can get you close to 20$ per hour. To get it, you must have the right qualifications and knowledge of the field you are teaching. It is not a fixed job, so that means flexibility is available.


2. Virtual Assistant – Avg. Earning $30,000 annually, $13 per hour


The job is for those who provide support for businesses remotely, and earnings per hour get projected at $13. People can have flexible schedules to work on weekends and evenings since many business people do not mind as long as the work gets completed. Let’s say you toil an extra five hours daily for a payment of $15.60 per hour, which translates to about $312 monthly earnings to your bank account.


3. Proofreading – Avg. Earnings $29,000 annually, $14 per hour


If you are a sucker for detail, you have good grammar skills and scores highly in English, then proofreading could be a job for you to get some extra income. You have the chance of bagging $15 each working hour, which means that if you work additional five hours every week while doing the job, you will have $286 extra money monthly. You can sign up on Upwork, where you can get gigs.


4. Sitting pets – Avg. Earnings $28,000 annually, $13 per hour


The job involves visiting a homeowner and taking care of their pets by either walking, cleaning them, or feeding them, and on top of it, giving them attention. Rest assured that you will be bagging $280 monthly if you dedicate five additional hours to look after pets. Be sure to scout the jobs since some pets get stubborn, or you may get required to stay for long periods.


5. Babysitting – Avg. earnings $19,000 annually, $9 per hour


For this work, you will need to not only excel in a criminal record check but will also require you to have experience in handling kids. Most families retain their babysitters. Therefore, there is a likelihood of getting retained for long-term work, which translates to a gradual flow of money. You can bag at least $185 per month for the extra five hours per week.


6. Receptionist shifts – Avg. earnings $18,000 annually, $9 per hour


These kinds of jobs aren’t as stressful as such, and you can get business ventures that need cover during evenings or weekends. These are always the shifts that most workers do not like doing. You can get yourself fixed in and work for the extra hours to earn you a decent amount of money.


7. Extras in Film and TV – Avg. earnings $18,000 annually or $8 per hour


You may need to do a lot of sitting and standing in the background. Sometimes you may not get needed, but it sure is a fun experience when there is a constant flow of cash. When you do this weekly for extra five hours, you will be sure of getting $173 monthly as earnings.


8. Cleaning – Avg. earning $17,000 annually or $8 per hour


There are many ways you can get cleaning jobs. You can apply through an agency, directly to a business, or becoming a freelancer. With this, you can get monthly payments or per shift. It all depends on the agreement between you and the employer. It will see you earn about $170 per month.