The Latest Cannabis Trend You Haven’t Heard About: CBN

Did you know there are over 100 cannabinoids? CBN is one of those cannabinoids, and it’s getting enough positive attention in recent times to be classed as a “cannabis trend.”

The reason why CBN has gained so much traction is partly due to its sleep-aiding nature. Another reason is that the processes to extract are more advanced now, making it easier to produce and sell on a larger scale.

If you haven’t heard of CBN, or know very little about it, read on to learn more about this cannabinoid that might just take the cannabis market by storm!

Cannabis Industry Trends

The benefits of CBN might have remained hidden away from many, as they have done for decades now. It was way back in the 1940s that scientists managed to isolate the substance. Yet, since the extraction process has been pretty difficult until not too long ago, CBN hasn’t had much attention.

Now, the sleep aid market, in general, has a lot to do with highlighting the benefits of CBN to a wider audience recently. The sleep aid market is “projected to reach $118.31 billion by 2030,” according to a PR Newswire article! And CBN is known to aid sleep, so it makes sense that cannabis producers might focus on creating CBN products.

Some people might compare CBN to melatonin as a similar sort of sleep aid. If that’s the case, then there might be huge potential for CBN because the melatonin market has exploded in recent years and is growing fast!

There has been loads of interest in new cannabis derivatives, but can CBN break into the sleep-aid market enough to establish itself as a long-term cannabis industry trend? Well, as you can see here, CBN is leading the way growth-wise in the cannabis edibles market! So things look promising.

How To Use CBN

As we just mentioned, the most common way to take CBN is in edible form. Gummies are very popular as people can take these with little hassle before they go to bed.

Cannabis companies are also expanding their product lines with more edibles that contain CBN as their primary draw factor. For instance, some companies are producing cookies and mints, among other products.

If you want a purer form of the substance, you can invest in CBN isolate. This type of product will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck by far since it’s so pure and concentrated.

Here you can check out CBN isolate wholesale if you wish to stock up on this sleep aid and save tons of money. You could also make your own CBN-infused products which could be fun and interesting, to say the least!

Embrace the CBN Cannabis Trend

CBN’s production and sales are rapidly on the up, making it a hot cannabis trend. It’s worth exploring more about the substance and maybe even testing it out for yourself!

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